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Cyanobacteria: Ecology and taxonomy of natural populations

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Microbial Endoliths and Bioerosion
Microorganisms in Sediments and Stromatolites,
General and Aquatic ecology

Abed, R.M.M.  Dobrestov, S., Al-kharusi, S., Schramm, A., Jupp, B. & Golubic, S. 2011. Cyanobacterial diversity and bioactivity of inland hypersaline microbial mats from a desert stream in the Sultanate of Oman. Fottea, in press. (202)

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Radtke, G., Glaub, I., Vogel, K. and Golubic, S. (2010). A new dichotomous microboring: Abeliella bellafurca isp. nov., distribution, variability and biological origin. Ichnos, 17: 25 — 33. (DOI 10 108010420940903348008) (187)

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