Dr. Stjepko Golubic

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Stjepko Golubic, Ph.D. (Steve)

Rank: Professor

Address: Biological Science Center, Boston University, 5 Cummington St., Boston, MA 02215,





Ph.D. Biological Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia --- 1963


Fluent in English, German, Croatian. Command of Italian, Spanish, Russian. Read French, Latin.


1979- Professor, Department of Biology, Boston University & B.U. Marine Program.

1970-79 Associate Professor, Tenure 1973 - Boston University, Biology & B.U.M.P.

1969-70 Associate Professor - Department of Biology, Paterson State College, Wayne, New Jersey.

1966-69 Instructor/Assistant Professor - Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

1965-66 Research Associate - Department of Geology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

1959-63 Research Assistant - Institute of Marine Biology, Yugosl. Acad. Sci. and Arts, Rovinj, Croatia.,


Presently: Boston University, General Microbiology,BI-311. graduate/undergraduate courses 1970-2010. , Graduate Research Supervision. Microbiology for Allied Health Professionals, Microbial Ecology, Limnology: Ecology of Lakes and Rivers, Evolution, Plant Biology, Ecology, Global Ecology, Introductory Biology, Biology of Algae, Environmental Evolution - Interactive Lectures, General Physiology (Microbial part), Biology Art and Technology, Undergraduate Directed Studies and Distinction Research. -- Boston University Marine Program, Woods Hole and Boston: Marine Microphytes, Microbial Ecology, Microbial Geology, Microbial Ecology and Paleoecology, 1970-2010. Graduate Seminar in Marine Biology. --

Paterson State College, Wayne, NJ, 1970, graduate: Limnology. -- Yale University, 1966-69: Introductory Biology; Function and Evolution of Ecosystems.

Fellowships and Scholarships:

2010-11 Fellowship of Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst, Germany.

2009 Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation, Re-invitation

2005-6 Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation, Re-invitation

1999 Fellowship of Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst, Germany.

1991 Senior Research Award, Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, at the Institute of Geology-Paleontology, University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

1975 Research Fellowship, Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, Institute of Geology-Paleontology, University of Hamburg, Germany.

1963-65 Post-doctoral Fellowship, Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation, Institute of Limnology, University of Freiburg, and Bavarian Institute for Experimental Biology, Munich, Germany.

1957 Scholarship for Limnology of Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts, Biological Station of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Lunz, Austria.

Honors and invited participations:

2009 S. Brusina Life Achievement Award of Croat. Soc. Nat. Sci.

2007 International Symposium for Cyanobacteria research (IAC), Keynote speaker.

2002 International Geobiology Course 2002, USC Wrigley Marine Laboratory, Ca

2001 Journal of Paleontological Society of Korea, Editor

1997 NASA, Exobiology Panel.

1992 Institute for the study of small states, Boston University - Charter member.

1991 Nobel Conference on Early Life, Karlskoga, Sweden.

1990-2000 Precambrian Research, Journal Editorial Board Member.

1988 Alfred Wegener Konference on Early Organic Evolution, Maria Laach. Germany - Co-organizer.

1987 Symposium on Prokaryotes at 14th Botanical Congress, Berlin, Germany - Co-organizer.

1987- International Geological Coordination Program, IGCP-261.

1983, 1986 9th and 10th International Symposium on Cyanophyte Taxonomy - Co-organizer.

1982 Dahlem Workshop on Mineral Deposits and the Biosphere Evolution.

1980, 1979, 1978, 1977 NASA, Planetary Biology, Panel.

1977 National Academy of Sciences, Ecology Panel.

1972-1988 IGCP-157, Subproject coordinator.

1970- World list of Experts on Marine Pollution, FAO-UN,

1970- Register of experts in aquatic sciences and fisheries, FAO-UN

Visiting lecturing:

2010, 1996 University of French Polynesia, Papeete, French Polynesia.

2011, 2010, 1999 University of Oldenburg, Germany.

1999 Max Planck Institute of Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany

1997 University of La Paz, CIBNOR, La Paz, S.C. Mexico

1998, 1996, 1994, 1993 Station Marine d'Endoume, Marseille, France.

1995 University of Naples, Italy.

1995 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

1991 University of Frankfurt, Germany.

1991 University of Zagreb, Croatia.

1988 University of Kuwait, El-Khiran Research Project.

1982 University of Beijing, China. Lecture tour: Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Chengdu.

1980 University of Santa Clara, CA: Microbial Ecology, NASA Summer Course.

1977 University of Kiel, Germany: General Microbiology.

1975 University of Hamburg, Germany: Ecology of Modern Stromatolites.

1968 University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras: Ecology of Marine Algae

Professional societies:

1960- International Association for Research on Cyanophyta (IAC)

1968- SEPM International Trace Fossil Research Group

1959-2005 International Assoc. of Theoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL)

1966-2005 International Phycological Society

1967-2005 Phycological Society of America

1982-2005 International Paleontological Society

1972- British Phycological Society

1972- Society of Sigma Xi

1969- American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Research support

  • Institute for Research Development (I.R.D.), France, Nitrogen fixation in the lagoon of Mayotte, (Comores 2006).
  • C.N.R.S., France, Tikehau Research Project (French Polynesia - 1998-99).
  • French National Associate Professor Program - (1993, 1994, 1996, 1998).
  • NOAA: Coastal Microbial Bioerosion - Depth Distribution (1993- w. W.Kiene).
  • NSF International Programs U.S.- Yugoslavia: INT-(4/1/89-3/31/91).
  • NSF International Programs U.S. - Yugoslavia: INT-8509365 (10/1/85-9/30/87).
  • Resources for the Future: Use of Nitrogen Fixing Cyanobacteria in Dry Land Agriculture to Improve Soil Fertility, Water Holding Capacity and Crop Yield (9/1/86-8/31/88).
  • Boston University Seed Grant - Complementary Chromatic Adapatation in Marine Cyanobacteria: Variation of Pigments with Water Depth (6/1/85-5/31/86).
  • NSF International Programs U.S.- Switzerland: 9th Symposium and Workshop of the IAC, International Travel and organization support (7/1/83-6/30/84).
  • NSF: Fossil Endolithic Microorganisms: Depth Distribution, Paleoecology & Evolution, Boston University: NSF EAR 8306179 (10/1/83-9/30/86 with S.E. Campbell).
  • NSF: Fossil Endolithic Algae and Fungi: Depth Distribution, Paleoecology, and Evolution, Boston University: NSF EAR-8107686 (6/1/81-5/31/83 with S.E. Campbell).
  • NSF: Fossil Endolithic Algae and Fungi (cont.): EAR79-11200 (6/1/79-5/31/81 with B.W. Cameron and S.E. Campbell).
  • NSF: Fossil Endolithic Algae and Fungi (cont.) EAR76-84233 & EAR76-84233 A01 (6/1/77-12/31/79 with B.W. Cameron).
  • NASA: The Earliest Occurrence and Evolutionary Development of Microbial Endoliths, Boston University: NASA NAGW-141 (2/1/81-9/30/83 with S.E. Campbell).
  • NASA: Soil Stabilization by a Prokaryotic Terrestrial Mat in the Southwestern U.S.: Implications for Precambrian Terrestrial Biota: NASA NSF-7588 (4/15/79-11/30/80 with S.E. Campbell).
  • NSF: Biology of Algal Mats and Recent Stromatolites, Boston University: NSF GA-4339l (7/1/74-12/31/76).
  • NSF: Ecology of Marine Endolithic Algae, Boston University: NSF GB-25271 (9/1/71-9/30/71); NSF GA-31168 (10/1/71-3/31/73); NSF OCE71-00530-A-03 (4/1/73-6/30/75).
  • NSF: Ecology of Marine Endolithic Algae, Yale University: NSF GB-6543 (7/1/67-6/30/69).


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