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Dirk Hackbarth | Professor of Finance
Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar
Center for Finance, Law & Policy Faculty Fellow
CEPR Research Fellow | ECGI Research Member

Boston University Questrom School of Business
595 Commonwealth Avenue | Boston, MA 02215
Email: dhackbar @ bu . edu | Tel: (617) 358-4206

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Working Papers

  1. ''Asymmetric Information and the Pecking (Dis)Order,'' with P. Fulghieri and D. Garcia. July 2018. Under Review, Review of Finance.
    • CEPR Discussion Paper No. 10660, June 2015.

  2. ''Corporate Investment and Financing Dynamics,'' with D. Sun. June 2018. Revise & Resubmit, Review of Corporate Finance Studies.

  3. ''Debt Dynamics and Default Probabilities,'' with Y. Kitapbayev. Coming Soon.

  4. ''Does Transparency Increase Takeover Vulnerability?'' with L. Gu. July 2018. Under Review.

  5. ''Passive Indexation of Active Funds,'' with H. Chen, May 2018. Full version available on request.

  6. ''Granularity of Corporate Debt,'' with J. Choi and J. Zechner. October 2017. Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis.
    • CFS Working Paper No. 2013/26, May 2013.

  7. ''Does the Potential to Merge Reduce Competition?,'' with B. Taub. May 2018, Under Review.
    • CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12732, February 2018.
    • ECGI Finance Working Paper No. 554/2018, March 2018.

  8. ''Optimal Short-Termism,'' with A. Rivera, and T. Wong. January 2018. Under Review.
    • CEPR Discussion Paper No. 12588, January 2018.
    • ECGI Finance Working Paper No. 546/2018, January 2018.

  9. ''Optimal Capital and Maturity Structure,'' with H. Leland. In Progress.

  10. ''Recent Developments in Dynamic Capital Structure,'' with H. Leland. April 2017. In Preparation for Annual Reviews of Financial Economics.

  11. ''Investment-Based Trade-Off Theory,'' with A. Stahmer. August 2017. In Progress.


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