·        NSF grants $1.2 million to cope with complexities in manufacturing systems (October 1998)


·        Chaos Controlled (Quantum Newsletter, Spring 2000)


·        Collaborative Team Receives $2.5 Million Grant from the NSF (October 2003)


·        ENG faculty developing sensors that stay in touch (October 2003)


·       Christos Cassandras to lead team in researching “control and optimization” of sensors (November 2003)


·        BU, UMass to collaborate on sensors networks (Mass High Tech, January 2004)


·        Sensor Network Consortium Launched (December 2004)


·        NSF grants $2M for EFRI project on Autonomously Reconfigurable Systems  (September 2007)


·        Research Focuses on Getting Wireless Networks to Fix Themselves  (September 2007)


·       NSF Interview on Autonomous Reconfigurability Project (April 2008)

     (see also NSF EFRI web site)


·      Tough Questions on Electric Energy Management (June 2009)


·      BU Team to Advance Surveillance Capabilities in Autonomous Vehicles  (October 2009)


·      New Models for Optimizing Mission Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Science Daily, April 2010)


·      Systems Engineering Team Aims to Boost UAV Autonomy (May 2010)


·      How Systems Engineers are Designing a Better World (Engineering Magazine, Fall 2010)


·      Valet Parking: The App  (August 2011)


·      BU “Smart Parking” on New England Cable News  (NECN, September 23, 2011)


·      “Smart Parking” on BUniverse  (October 2011)


·      Career Focus: Systems Engineering  (November 2011)


·      Christos Cassandras Receives IEEE Control Systems Technology Award (January 2012)