The Boston University Chemical Writing Program (BUCWP) is a collaboration with the Joseph Bizup (Director, BU CAS Writing Program). Starting as a three-year pilot, the program is a research-based writing (WR 150)-equivalency for introductory chemistry that is designed to teach future scientists better writing in a context specific to chemistry. Improved grades on writing based assignments and retention of these skills going forward have resulted for program participants.

The impact on student learning has been remarkable; the changes seen in the writing of the CH111/112 students demonstrates a real change in how they approach chemistry, not just chemistry writing.  These students now have a more mature approach to their data and to learning – they are more likely to use the primary and secondary literature to try to understand their results, rather than just to find a contrasting value. 

For more details about the impact that this program has had on student learning, critical thinking, and research engagement, click here: PDF

Program Documents

Instructors: if you would like to consider using some of these materials, or derivative materials of the BUCWP course materials, please contact me directly. Additionally, other resources (annotations, assignments, and training documents for writing assistants) are also available.


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