BUme Zoe Hughes

Contact : -

Address: Dept Earth Sciences, 
	   675 Commonwealth Ave,
	   Boston, MA 02218,
Tel:	   1.617.358.4619	
Fax:	   1.617.355.3290
Email:   zoeh@bu.edu 

Research Interests:-

  • Sediment transport and bedform dynamics under both waves and currents, and combined flows.
  • Wave current interaction.
  • Numerical modeling of currents, waves and combined flows (presently using FVCOM, SWAN and CGWAVE).
  • The measurement of vessel wakes and their impact on the shoreline.
  • Small scale turbulence and interaction of the flow with vegetation and bedforms.
  • The calculation of near bed shear stress and bed roughness from high frequency measurements of velocity.
  • Hydrodynamics over marsh platforms and within tidal creeks.
  • The generation and headward erosion of tidal creeks in salt marshes.
  • The hydrodynamics of tidal inlets.

  • Last updated 17th Oct 2007