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About the Paul Tillich Resources Site

There is a decades-long tradition of teaching Tillich's thought at Boston University. This resource site is the product of Boston University students in several Tillich seminars. The students involved are listed below and referred to throughout the site by means of abbreviations.

AH Anne Hillman (Boston University, 2010)
AL Andrew Linscott (Boston University, 2012)
AT Ashley Theuring (Boston University, 2012)
AW Austin Washington (Boston University, 2015)
BC Bryant Clark (Boston University, 2015)
BJT Brice Tennant (Boston University, 2010)
DAM Divine Aguh Mungre (Boston University, 2010)
DJH Dan Hague (Boston University, 2015)
ECJ Eunchul Jung (Boston University, 2015)
HBH Hyebin Hong (Boston University, 2015)
HWH Hyunwoong Hwang (Boston University, 2015)
JAC Julian Armad Cook (Boston University, 2015)
JBH J. Blake Huggins (Boston University, 2010)
JC Jennifer Coleman Boston University, Spring 2008)
JH Josh Hasler (Boston University, 2010)
JL Jenn Lindsay (Boston University, 2012)
JM Jonathan Morgan (Boston University, 2012)
JP Justin Pearl (Boston University, 2010)
KA Ken Armentrout (Boston University, 2012)
KMHM Kendra M. H. Moore (Boston University, 2015)
KN Kaci Norman (Boston University, 2015)
LEH Lauren E. Hippert (Boston University, 2015)
MB Martha Brundage (Boston University, 2015)
ML McKanna Lewellen (Boston University, 2015)
MSB Matthew S. Beal (Boston University, 2015)
NB Nathan Bieniek Boston University, Spring 2008)
NHH Nathan Hoefgen-Harvey (Boston University, 2015)
PVD Pierce Van Dunk (Boston University, 2015)
RH Ryan Harrison, Boston University, Spring 2008)
RLS Roy Smith, Boston University, Spring 2008)
SC Shelby Condray (Boston University, 2010)
SJD Samuel J. Dubbelman (Boston University, 2015)
SL Samuel Lovett (Boston University, 2015)
SN Samuel Needham (Boston University, 2012)
TB Trip Barnes, Boston University, Spring 2008)
WGD Wesley G. Dalton (Boston University, 2010)
XZQ Zhiqiu Xu, Boston University, Spring 2008)
ZR Zachary Rodriguez (Boston University, 2010)

The information on this page is copyright 1994 onwards, Wesley Wildman (basic information here), unless otherwise noted. If you want to use text or ideas that you find here, please be careful to acknowledge this site as your source, and remember also to credit the original author of what you use, where that is applicable. If you have corrections or want to make comments, please contact me at the feedback address for permission.