A few notes for students.

High school students

I do occasionally take exceptional high school students into my lab over the summer. Students need to be highly self-motivated and independent, and have good math and/or programming skills. Unfortunately, I am usually not able to fund high school students.



Thank you for expressing interest in our ECE graduate program at Boston University. As I am sure you can understand, I am regularly swamped with interest letters from prospective students, and it is very difficult for me to answer all of them, much less provide assessment of the likelihood of acceptance. For most cases, the best situation is to simply apply to our program so that I can view your application in context of other applications in the given year. In general, my research focuses on system security and networking, utilizing fundamental tools from algorithms, error-correcting codes, number theory and the like. Though my lab does have openings for incoming graduate students, these positions are typically extremely competitive. Things that I look for in my assessments include:

Tips for contacting me

I get quite many e-mails each week from students interested in PhD research. The vast majority of them are formulaic mail-merges, and I do not have time to respond to them. If you are truly interested in contacting me about research possibilities, may I humbly suggest:

Post-doctoral researchers

It is very rare for me to take post-docs into my lab. Acceptable candidates must have an extraordinarily strong research record in their PhDs, with relevance to my interests.