Fun stuff...

Programs et al.

Information-theoretic author order:
The only article I know of to ever be not accepted to the IEEE Information Theory Society newsletter.
EC330: (solutions to homework problems I have assigned)
  1. Tic Tac Toe: try to beat the computer on a 10x10 grid
  2. Sudoku Solver: solves generalized Sudoku puzzles (as specified by the user).
Ban Solanum Lycopersicum:
a petition to ban this common restaurant product from the US food supply, as it can lead to hallucinations, coma, circulatory collapse, respiratory failure, and even death.
source code for our practical reconciliation engine. See also related pages for our memopad and string synchronizers, and our developing GenSync project.
Calculate code parameters (v2):
a web interface for calculating various parameters of error-correcting codes and computing lexicographic extensions. also available as an i686 or Sparc executables.
Car parking:
the winning implementations for a car parking problem I assigned in my SC504 class.
8D tilings:
Search for full-rank 8D tilings ( i686 executible is also available).
Bipartite graph GUI:
a Java command-based graphical user interface for drawing bipartite graphs
J-machine simulator:
SGI executable code for a three-dimensional simulator of J-machine packet routing (screenshot)
Code visualizer:
openGL-based 3D visualizer for algebraic codes (SGI executable -- screenshot)