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Monetary theory and policy

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Applied econometrics and computational methods

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Recent conference discussions

"Comments on 'Limitations on the Effectiveness of Forward Guidance at the Zero Lower Bound'" by Andrew Levin, David Lopez-Salidos, Edward Nelson and Tack Yun, International Journal of Central Banking, forthcoming 2009. PDF

"Comments on 'Noisy Business Cycles'," by George-Marios Angeletos and Jennifer L'Ao, NBER Macroeconomics Annual April 2009, forthcoming 2009.  PDF

"Comments on 'The Implications of Micro Price Data for Macroeconomic Models'," by Bartosz Mackowiak and  Frank R. Smets, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Understanding Inflation and the Implications for Monetary Policy: A Phillips Curve Retrospective,  53rd Annual Research conference volume, 2009. PDF