Tivoli Storage Manager aids, provided by Richard Sims

This page provides selected aids to assist ADSM/TSM administrators.

Note: The files use Tab characters for indentation, which some web browsers may cause to look awry.

ADSM QuickFacts

Details, details...an administrator's life is full of them. Multiply that by the number of subsystems administrator has to administer, compound by the evolution of each, and your brain hurts. There's simply no way to remember all this stuff — and who wants to? What we need is a quick way to get at those factoids, particularly the ones that took a long time to research and you need to retrieve again, without reinvention of the information. I certainly needed such a thing, and needed to provide the rest of my group similar information to be able to look things up in my absence. So, for the ADSM/TSM subject area I started keeping a list of the factoids, in alphabetical order. With experience, it necessarily grew in size, and today contains a lot of hard-won and otherwise useful information. Its obvious intention is to supplement, not replace, any vendor-provided information. I cannot stress strongly enough that in any subject area, the information provided by the supplier of the product should be your principal reference, particularly as the product evolves.

See the ADSM.QuickFacts reference

ADSM accounting file report program

When accounting is turned on in the ADSM/TSM server, each session results in the logging of one or more accounting records. (See the TSM Admin Guide or ADSM.QuickFacts topic "ACCOUNTING RECORD FORMAT" for information.) So, you end up with all these nice accounting records. Now what? The TSM authors have inexplicably not provided any utility or sample program to aid the customer in processing them; so it is up to the customer or a third party to fill this void. Here, then, is a "professional grade" Perl-based program which I created for my site's needs. It was written for ADSM version 3, so consider it a "point of departure" for later versions. (I intend to modernize it as time permits.) Browse the frontage or invoke as 'adsm-report -help' or 'adsm-report help' to have usage explained. It is safe to run on your accounting file: it merely reads the file, otherwise leaving it untouched. See sample output. As always, I'm open to suggestions for further improvement: I don't always think of everything. :-)

See the accounting file report program

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