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Statistical Genetic Software:

GWAF (Genome-Wide Association analyses with Family data)

Authors: Ming-Huei Chen, Qiong Yang

GWAF s an R package designed for genome-wide association analyses with family data. It implements association tests between a batch of genotyped or imputed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and a binary or continuous trait with user specified genetic model, and generates informative results from the analyses. In addition, GWAF provides functions to visualize results.

        GWAF download at CRAN


CUMP (Combining Univariate results of Multivariate Phenotype)

Authors: Xuan Liu, Qiong Yang

CUMP is an R package for analyzing multivariate phenotypes in genetic association studies by combining univariate association test results to detect genetic variants of potential pleiotropy effects.

        CUMP for Linux/Unix

        CUMP for Windows




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