Ecosystem Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Global Change

The Templer Lab focuses on the effects of environmental change, including climate change, atmospheric deposition, and urbanization on biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen in natural and managed ecosystems. We explore how plant-microbial interactions influence carbon exchange, nitrogen retention, forest productivity, and water and air quality. We also pursue projects that integrate across environmental science and policy through a collaborative approach with governments, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

The Templer Lab is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment, regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, nationality, immigration status or socio-economic background. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is not tolerated in the lab or in the field. We support individuals struggling with discrimination and/or harrassment by providing an open and supportive atmosphere, speaking up on their behalf when appropriate, and guiding them to the support and resources that they need.

I welcome the participation of students in the lab and will accept graduate students for the fall 2024 semester. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to check out our Biogeoscience and URBAN Ph.D. programs. Please notify me if you are interested in working in the lab as a high school student, undergraduate, graduate student, postdoc, or visiting scientist.