Vinod Khosla
  • On growing up in India: "'Frankly, the only people I knew when I was growing up were army people. You know how the army is. You don't even meet anybody in business.'"
  • On the pace of business: "'To be ahead of the market you can't be a follower. You can't be following what is hot. You have to have your own belief system,' he says. 'But to me risk is a religion, and I think if you want to go after the big market, you need to take it. When we did Nexgen it was seen as a crazy idea to go up against Intel. [But] it fundamentally changed the pricing, performance, and dynamics of the microprocessor market'".
  • Khosla has such creativity that one investment partner “tells companies in which Mr. Khosla invests to appoint ‘a senior vice president in charge of managing Vinod.’”
  • How he keeps up-to-date: “First, I just read a lot -- more than most people. And I read basic science. I almost never go to the financial conferences. I go to the techie-nerdie conferences. I spend my time with engineers, learning. And so I sort of think all these really smart entrepreneurs with great technologies in their heads are really my teachers. They come and teach me a lot and I learn from them.”