Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy
Boston University

October 11-12, 2013

 About the workshop
The BU Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy is an annual forum for presenting new work on late-eighteenth through early-twentieth-century philosophy.    

THEME FOR 2013: 
The theme for the 2013 workshop is history’s relevance for philosophy.  Speakers might address the role of historical, genealogical, and narrative explanation in philosophical arguments; the possibility that historical or genealogical arguments provide a unique method of philosophical critique; the way in which historical approaches to philosophy disclose new philosophical problems; the relevance of conjectural or fanciful histories in philosophical argumentation; and the views of particular philosophers, including Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and Heidegger, on history’s relation to philosophy.

The Workshop provides speakers with an opportunity to receive constructive feedback on work in progress.  Papers are distributed in advance and should be read prior to the workshop.  At the workshop, the participants give brief summaries of their papers; this is followed by an hour of discussion per paper.  The discussion is open to all audience members. 

745 Commonwealth Avenue (BU School of Theology), Room 325

Paul Katsafanas (BU)

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Program for 2013
  Friday, October 11th

11:30-12:50 Kristin Gjesdal (Temple University) 

“Taste, Value, and Philosophy of History:

Some Reflections on Herder's Contribution"

1:00-2:30 Break for lunch

2:30-3:50 Allen Speight (Boston University)

"On the Origin of Art and Aesthetics: Competing Philosophical Narratives"

4:00-5:20 Charles Griswold (Boston University) 

"Genealogical Narrative as Critique: Rousseau's Second Discourse"

5:30-6:15 Reception

  Saturday, October 12th

10:00-11:20 Judith Norman (Trinity University) 

"Marx, Nietzsche, and the Workshops of History"

11:30-12:50 Robert Guay (SUNY Binghamton)

“Why a (Nietzschean) Naturalist Should be a Historicist Should be a Genealogist"

1:00-2:30 Break for lunch

2:30-3:50 Paul Katsafanas (Boston University)

"Vision, History, and Conceptual Change"

4:00-5:20 John Richardson (New York University)

"Nietzsche's Freedom through History"

5:30-6:15 Reception

The Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy is sponsored by the
Boston University Center for the Humanities.