Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy
Boston University

October 12-13, 2012

 About the workshop
The BU Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy provides an annual forum for presenting new work on late-eighteenth through early-twentieth-century philosophy.    

THEME FOR 2012: 
The 2012 Workshop focused on the role of the unconscious, unknown, and illusory in human agency. 

The Workshop provides speakers with an opportunity to receive constructive feedback on work in progress.  Papers are distributed in advance.  At the workshop, the participants give brief summaries of their papers; this is followed by an hour of discussion per paper.  The discussion is open to all audience members. 

745 Commonwealth Avenue (School of Theology building), Room 325 (Friday sessions) and B19 (Saturday sessions)

Paul Katsafanas (BU)

The inaugural workshop was held in 2011.  The theme was Philosophical Psychology and Ethics.  The speakers were Alexander Nehamas, Maudemarie Clark, David Dudrick, Charles Griswold, Paul Katsafanas, Frederick Neuhouser, Bernard Reginster, Michael Rosen, and Sally Sedgwick.  The 2011 program is available here.

Program for 2012
  Friday, October 12th

Jane Kneller (Colorado State University)

"Fathoming the Abyss of the Heart: Kant on the 'Absolute' as an Incentive to Conduct"

12:20-2:00      Break for lunch

2:00-3:20 Michelle Kosch (Cornell University)

"Practical Deliberation and the Voice of Conscience in Fichte's 1798 Sittenlehre" 

3:30-4:50 Paul Franks (Yale University)

"Before the Gates of Salvation: Phrenology, the Jewish People, and Resistance to Sublation in Hegel's Phenomenology"

5:00-6:00 Reception

  Saturday, October 13th

10:00-11:20 Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College) 

"Hegel's Account of the Unconscious and Why it Matters"

11:30-12:50 Sebastian Gardner (University College London)

“Schopenhauer's Deconstruction of German Idealism"

12:50-2:30 Break for lunch

2:30-3:50 Paul Katsafanas (Boston University)

"Nietzsche on the Unconscious"

4:00-5:20 Brian Leiter (University of Chicago)

"Moralities are a Sign-Language of the Affects"

5:30-6:30 Reception

The Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy is sponsored by the
Boston University Center for the Humanities.