Laboratory for Applied Electromagnetics
















Areas of Expertise

Industrial Electrostatics
Electrostatic Charge Prevention and Neutralization
Electrostatic Instrumentation
Modeling of Electrostatic Phenomena
Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) analysis and design Product Safety
Hazard Prevention and Analysis
Registered Professional Engineer
NARTE Certified Electrostatic Discharge Engineer
Specializing in Obscure and Difficult Problems

Partial List of Recent Clients

Proskauer and Rose - Patent Infringement related to power transfer matching networks

Eastman Kodak, Inc.- Web charging and electrostatic attraction of film layers.

Foster Miller - Electrostatic charge elimination in gas pipeline systems. Malden Mills, Inc.- Analysis and modeling of electrostatic flocking operations.

Kaye and Scholer, L.L.P. - Electrostatic drug delivery process patent infringment

Wolf, Greenfield, and Sacks, L.L.P. - Electromagnetic-based technology and trade-secret litigation.

Halloran and Sage, L.L.P. - Product liability due to electrostatic discharge.

Simco, Inc. - Patent infringement of volume ionization device concept.

Oxford Speakers - Investigation of causes of loudspeaker fires.

Dosimeter, Inc. - Electrostatic separation of fiber.

Osram Sylvania - Electromagnetic interference in lighting products.

Chapman Corp. - Design of charge neutralization devices, electrostatic field meter, and volume static eliminator.
American Science and Engineering - Design of high voltage power supplies for x-ray equipment.

First Light Technology - Design of high-voltage electrodes for plasma sputtering deposition.

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