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Photo courtesy of Verne Doucette.
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Lina and the Wolf (2014-17) opera in five acts
act synopsis | audio

The Fiddler and the Old Woman of Rumelia (2009) chamber opera in seven scenes
(video of staged production)

An Opera in Devolution: Drama in 540 Seconds (2002) chamber opera

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four scenes for Juliet (2016) wind ensemble
Boston University Wind Ensemble, conducted by David Martins, Summit Records

thresholds (2011) concerto for piano and wind ensemble
Ketty Nez, and Boston University Wind Ensemble, conducted by David Martins, Ravello Records

beyond release (2007) duo concertante for two celli and chamber orchestra
University of Iowa's Center for New Music, Albany Records

beyond release ii (2009) transcription for viola, cello, and chamber orchestra

take time (2006) wind ensemble (audio)

cirrulian ice (2006) chamber orchestra (audio)

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shifting trajectories (2024) saxophone quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)

trio in memory (2023) violin, cello, and piano (audio)

through the light ii (2023) string trio (version of through the light)

5 fragments in 3 (2022) clarinet (or soprano saxophone), viola, and piano (audio) (video)

through the light (2022) string quartet

keep a secret (2021) string quartet
Playground Ensemble String Quartet, Albany Records

the many colors (2021) string quartet (audio) (video)

only the path remains (2020) violin, cello, and piano (audio) (video)

against the sky (2020) flute, viola, and harp

retrace (2018) percussion ensemble (audio) (video)

4 visions (2017) 2 pianos, percussion, and oboe (audio) (video)

rumelian songs of love and rain (2015) for voice an piano (or chamber ensemble) (audio) (video)

timed curves (2008) flute/piccolo, clarinet, violin, cello, piano
Ensemble Ex Novo and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

wind(ows) (2004) violin, cello, and piano (audio)

. . . on my mind . . . (2004) baritone saxophone, violin, viola, and cello (audio)

Sanglots (1997) soprano, flute, mandolin, guitar, and harp (audio)

Byrd for Birds (1997) recorder quartet (audio)

Contrasts - Wind over Distant Seas (1992) voice, sho, shamisen (audio)

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3 transformations (2024) violin and clarinet

5 fragments (2022) soprano saxophone (or clarinet) and piano

climbing: free fall (2021) violin and piano
Robyn Julyan and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

(6) minute waltz (2021) solo piano (audio) (video)

far sight sun light (2021) flute and guitar
Matthew Lee and Thatcher Harrison, Albany Records

malicke duety (2021) violin and French horn
(video of 3 selections)

4 reflections (2021) 2 pianos (audio) (video)

belletude (2020) solo piano (video)

bird map (2019) (trombone, or bass clarinet, or contrabass clarinet, with optional jazz drum set)
Alea Publishing and Recording

4 (re)interludes (2019) piano (the third is for prepared piano)
(re)interlude 1: (audio) (video)
(re)interlude 4: (audio)

5 moments (2019) viola and piano (version) (video)

5 moments (2019) cello and piano (audio) (video)
Lawrence Stomberg and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

My Mira (2019) toy piano (audio) (video)

sketches (2018) flute and violin
Sarah Brady and Aija Reke, Albany Records

fiddler songs (2017) solo violin (audio)

double images (2017) violin and piano (audio) (video)
Katie Wolfe and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

the moon returns (2017) flute and piano (video)
Gergely Ittzes and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

chase (2014) solo piano (audio)

sea-changes (2010) viola (or cello) and piano (video viola version) (video cello version)
Daniel Dona and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

rumelian songs of love and rain (2010) voice and piano

the moon passes over (2009) flute and piano (arrangement of the moon passes on) (audio)

the moon passes on (2009) flute and guitar

transit out (2009) viola and piano (arrangement of in transit) (audio)

in transit (2009) violin and piano
Ivana Jasova and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

Postcards from the 1930's (2008) violin (viola, saxophone, or cello) and piano (audio)(video)
Katie Wolfe and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

wind down ii (2008) viola and piano (transcription of wind down)
Mark Berger and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

between (2008) violin and piano
Katie Wolfe and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

before (2007) violin and piano
Ari Streisfeld and Ketty Nez, Albany Records

(mini-)winding down (2007) toy piano and piano (audio)

wind down (2006) cello and piano (audio)

wrestless (2005) violin and piano (audio)

Contour(t) (2005) trumpet, marimba/vibraphone (audio)

uns(t)able (re)verb(s) (2004) two pianos (audio)

Moondrunk (2001) piano solo
Guy Livingston, Wergo Records

Porous Breaths (1998) clarinet solo (audio)

Daphnisyrinx (1997) solo flute (audio)

Mille au Courant (1995) guitar solo (audio)

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open your eyes (2012) choir a cappella

wordless meetings (2006) choir a cappella (audio)

Nehan Koshiki (1993) chorus and Japanese rin (audio)

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Stepping Music (2003) live electronic improvisation, bass clarinet and baritone sax

Melting into Green (2002) stereo tape (audio)

Unseen Similarities (2001) flute and quadraphonic tape (audio)

Sculpted Implosions (1999) 8-track tape (audio)

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The Maniac Chase (2009) orchestra (video)
Music to the silent film by Thomas Edison (1904)

Three film music cues to Crocodile (Pedro Lange Cherion, director) (2001) orchestra

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