Snyder Group

Boston University Chemistry Department

Mission Statement

Phone: 617-353-2621


                 Our research interests are driven by the desire to discover new chemistry and delineate the potential applications of this chemistry to issues in health, agriculture, and other areas that society faces. To this end, we are highly motivated to explore new reactivities and apply them to diversity-oriented synthesis in the generation of relatively small libraries (100 compounds) that can then be submitted for biological screening to a variety of collaborators. On occasion, target-oriented projects will arise, particularly if the pursuit of that biologically significant target reveals unique applications of innovative chemistry, and can also lead to an intriguing collection of analogues for screening. The research efforts in our group can be classified into four major areas as illustrated: (I) Novel Heterocyclic Synthesis, (II) Homo Diels-Alder Chemistry, (III) Chiral Anthracene Templates, (IV) the Chemistry of Natural Products. For a summary of each of these areas of interest, click on the “Research Interests” link.