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Dr. Jeanne R. Paratore is a faculty member in and coordinator of the Literacy, Language, and Cultural Studies Program in the Department of Developmental Studies and Counseling. Her current research efforts are in two areas: classroom grouping practices and family literacy.


From 1989-1998 she was an integral member of the Boston University/Chelsea School Partnership and had many opportunities to collaborate with teachers in improving classroom instruction. Her most recent publications are largely based on this work, and include articles and chapters about classroom grouping practices, family literacy, and early intervention in reading. She is also an author of one of the nation’s leading basal reading programs.

Dr. Paratore is currently working on a weekly basis in two urban schools in the Boston area where she consults with teachers and teaches demonstration lessons in elementary grade classrooms. In addition, she is a frequent speaker in school districts across the United States and at local and national conferences.

In 2002, she completed a three-year term as a member of the Board of the Directors of the International Reading Association, the largest literacy education association in the world. She continues to serve the Association as a member of its Urban Diversity Task Force and a member of the advisory board for UP for Literacy, a collaboration between the International Reading Association and the National Urban Alliance to improve educational opportunity of children in urban schools throughout the United States.

Courses of Instruction (All currently taught)
RE 501 Teaching Reading
LS 690 Contexts for Literacy: Oral and Written Discourse
LS 790 Seminar in Literacy Assessment
RS 750 Advanced Research Seminar
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