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Nitin R. Joglekar is on the faculty at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. His interests span digital transformation through human-centered applications of AI for Creativity (within product & supply chain management, platforms and market design), and allied ethics and social responsibility realms.


Recent consulting and coaching projects have focused on deployment of AI technologies, and allied go-to-market practices, during digitalization of product and supply chain solutions. Prior to his academic career, Professor Joglekar has overseen product management and supply chain functions at established firms and founded a venture capital backed software startup. Currently, he serves as a technical advisor to AI startup Tellagence. He was a member of World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council, from 2018-23, wherein he focused on business model transformations, digitalization, ethics and social responsibility realms enabled by Industry 4.0 and AI infrastructure.


At Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, Professor Joglekar teaches courses related to his research themes at undergraduate, graduate and executive levels. He was the founding director of his schools’ online micro-master’s programs in Digital Leadership and Product Management. He has offered online Digital Product Management (DPMT) courses through He also teaches fostering innovative mindset in Questrom’s Online MBA program. He has won awards, including the Broderick Award for Teaching Excellence and the General Electric Award for Team Learning. He has been a visiting faculty member at MIT Sloan School of Management and at University of Texas, and a visiting fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, and at Copenhagen Business School.

He is currently a department editor for Digital Platforms, Innovations, and Transformations (DPIT) at the Production & Operations Management Journal. He has been an editor for IEEE Transactions and  Management Science. His book on complex adaptive systems, The Innovation Butterfly, addresses management of innovation risks and allied analytics opportunities. His book Digital Product Management Thinking (DPMT) advocates integration of analytics, business model, coordination and design thinking. He holds engineering degrees from Indian Institute of Technology, Memorial University (Canada), and MIT and doctoral degree in management science from the MIT Sloan School.

Current Projects:

Theme 1 - Digital Transformation of Products & Supply Chains through Human-Centered AI and Data Driven Decisions, Platforms and Market design at Established Firms & Startups


·      Human-Centered Decision Processes with Generative AI, Analytics and Ethics: (i) Emerging Practices and Frictions within Creative Design Processes (with Karthik Ramachandran); (ii) Governance, Decision Aggregation and Model Management (with Nitin Mayande and Sharookh Daruwalla).


·      Digital Transformation of Supply Chains: (i) Towards Double Loop Learning  Based on IoT Data, Pattern Recognition, and Mental Model Adjustments (with Harri Lorentz and Jag Srai)*;  (ii) Managerial Paper in SMR: Three Stages for Digital Manufacturing Transformation (with Geoffrey Parker and Jag Srai)*.


·      Multimodal Logistics with AI-Based Oversight of Platforms (with Brad Lee, Geoffrey Parker and  Naoum Tsolakis); Initial datasets are on Uber and the port of Thessaloniki, Greece.*



Theme 2 - Industry Studies and Public Policies for Ethics, Resilience & Social Responsibility Scenarios


·      Food Industry: Reactive Supply Chain Resilience - Wither or Thrive by Working Faster and Harder? (with Mukesh Kumar & Naoum Tsolakis).*


·      Healthcare (Pharmaceutical) Industry: Developing Design Rules for Continuous Manufacturing and Real Time Control across Structurally Dissimilar Networks (with Jag Srai, Tomas Harrington and Sriram Narayanan).*


·      Retail: Adjustments to Inventory Policies while Furloughing Employees whose Return is Uncertain and Costly (with Fehmi Tanrisever).*


·      Energy/ Social Responsibility: Development of Solar Panel Cleaning Technologies; Machine Driven Network Effect in Platforms for B2B Energy Community Solutions (Translational Research).*



* Working paper(s) available on request.



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