Daniel Hudon

Photo of me taken by 
	Miranda Loud

Originally from Canada, I'm a lecturer in astronomy at Metropolitan College and in Summer Term. Formerly, I taught in the Writing Program and the Core curriculum, and I was the faculty organizer for BU's EcoFest; I still maintain the EcoFest blog Eco-Now – please drop by. I also write short fiction, nonfiction and poetry. You can contact me at hudon "at" bu.edu.

News (January 26, 2014):

  • Watch for new work now or soon to be appearing in The Little Paxuxent Review, The Chattahoochee Review, Science Creative Quarterly, {Ex}tinguished and {Ex}tinct: An Anthology of Things that No Longer {Ex}ist, and Written River. (links to follow.)

News (June 13, 2013):

  • Watch for new work appearing soon in:

             GoNomad, Spork, Toad, Canary and Dark Matter.

  • A new travel story has appeared in Outside In (see below).
  • Two of my humorous Instructions appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe Ideas section in summer 2012 (see below).
  • I'm the 2011 winner of the Tiferet Nonfiction prize! My essay, Vietnam: Calling All Wandering Souls, has been published on their website.
  • A chapbook of some of my recent poetry and prose, called "Evidence for Rainfall," has been brought out by Pen and Anvil Press, available on their webpage or from me. This publication coincided with my invited reading at the Axiom Art Gallery on May 13, 2010.
  • My first book, The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos", was published by Oval Books (UK) in April, 2009. It is available on Amazon and by special order at your local bookstore (ISBN:978-1-903096-42-0). Feel free also to email me about it at the address above.
  • Here is a short Youtube trailer I made for the book and here is the intro to the book.

Public Presentations

  • I'm giving a lecture on Reimagining Nature Through Poetry at the Medford Public Library Wednesday June 19, 2013 at 7pm. Admission is free.

  • In 2010 and 2011, I gave a series of five public presentations on the topic of Cosmic Perspective on Celebrity Cruises on two different cruise ships, the Celebrity Eclipse and the Celebrity Mercury. The individual presentations were: Finding our Place in Space, Finding our Place in Time, Transits and Cosmic Perspective, The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos and Biodiversity and You. Fifty to one hundred people attended each and all were well received.

  • Contact me if you're interested in hearing more about my presentations about science or writing or both.

Here are some of my recent writing links:


         Experience a Parisian Rendezvous at Prime Numbers.

         Swink, published a bio-history of Rene Albert, "the world's only surrealist scientist".


         Need some, Costa Rica Travel Recommendations? Find them in Issue 14 of Outside In magazine.

         Read my prize-winning essay, Vietnam: Calling All Wandering Souls, in Tiferet.

         Picture Guatamala in Gulf Stream.

         A travel essay called, "How to Cross the Street in Hanoi," was published in The Nashwaak Review, in 2009.

         A travel essay called, "A Gap in the Indian Afternoon," was published in Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature in 2009.

Miscellaneous Nonfiction

         Follow Basho and the Grebes at Toad.

         Read the story of The Ivory Bill Woodpecker and Labrador Duck at Canary.

         Experience The Funeral Bell at The Tower Journal.

         Read about the The Meaning of Life at Word Riot.

         Explore "The Geography of Pain" in a personal essay published in the anthology Migraine Expressions.

Science and Science Humor

         Learn How to Build a Planet in Twelve Easy Steps at Opium Magazine;

         Learn the Twelve Tips to Avoid Depression While Living at the Space Station at Defenestration Magazine;

  • A feature article, "How Johannes Kepler Revolutionized Astronomy," appeared in the January 2009 issue of Astronomy.
  • A short piece, "We are Stardust: Spread the Word," appeared in the August, 2007, issue of Sky and Telescope.
  • A review of the book "Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality," by Alastair Rae, is online from the site of the Canadian Journal of Physics.
  • A semi-popular article on the transits of Venus reprinted from the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: A (Not So) Brief History of the Transits of Venus.