Hsueh-Ling Huynh
Master Lecturer in Economics
Director of Master's Program in Economics

Ph.D.(Mathematics), University of California at Berkeley

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Director of Master's Programs in Economics

Office Hours for Master's and Undergraduate Advisees*: Tuesday 1-2:30 pm (in person and online via Zoom) and Thursday 6-7:30 pm (in person only) during Spring 2024.
Office Address: Rm.309, Department of Economics, Boston University
                         270 Bay State Road, Boston MA02215
                         Tel: 1-617-353-6823

(†) Office hours on Tuesdays during Spring 2024 will be conducted both in person at my office and online via the Zoom meetings platform. Students enrolled in my classes can find the web link to my office hours on their course websites; and Ms. Rodi will provide the same information to Master's students in Economics. All other callers should first telephone my office at 1-617-353-6823. Please leave a brief message including your name and phone number if I cannot answer your call right away.

(*) For administrative questions, please first consult:
  [Master's Students] Ms. Karen Rodi,                         
                                Rm.433 Department of Economics, 270 Bay State Road            
                                Tel: 1-617-353-4453
  [Undergraduates]   ecadv@bu.edu (For further information, visit https://www.bu.edu/econ/students/undergraduate-student-resources/.)


Announcements and Course Syllabi

@ Spring 2024:  Students enrolled in EC221 (A1) Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and EC403 (A1) Game Theory (Undergraduate Elective) should log onto the course website at https://learn.bu.edu  to check announcements, obtain class material and verify your personal grading records. The teaching assistant's office hours and contact information can also be found there. 

*Tutoring in some undergraduate courese is available at the Education Resource Center. Go to www.bu.edu/erc for more information.
  Some doctoral students in economics also offer tutoring services. Please contact them directly for terms and availability.


Fields: Mathematical Economics, Microeconomics, Game Theory, Decision Theory, Social Choice Theory

Selected Papers