Guanglan Zhang

Place your photo here Associate Professor
Faculty Coordinator, Health Informatics Program
Computer Science Department
Metropolitan College
Boston University

Address: Room 250, 808 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
Office phone: 617-358-5688

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Research Interest

Guanglan Zhang is an Associate Professor and the faculty coordinator of the Health Informatics Program at Computer Science Department, Metropolitan College (MET) at Boston University. She leads the research activities at MET health informatics research lab. She is also an adjunct member of Cancer Vaccine Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and Harvard Medical School.

During the many years of pursuing research in biomedical and health sciences, Guanglan has authored more than 50 publications and developed more than a dozen online computational systems. Through the development of advanced computational solutions, she contributes to the rapid progress of basic and applied biology and biomedicine. One of her research focus is in immunoinformatics, specifically on the development of computational algorithms in immunological sciences. Her research interests include computational modeling of complex biological processes, such as the identification of vaccine targets, the development of KB-builder - a framework for rapid development of next-generation biological databases, the building of analytical tools for pattern recognition from biomedical data, and the design of diagnostic tools. Another of her research focus is in health informatics, specifically on the implementation of medical algorithms.

Recent Research Activities

I was invited to give a talk titled "EVE e-cohort: the effect of trauma and violence and risk of cardiovascular outcomes" at the seminar, Leveraging emerging technologies for research in university environment, at BU medical school on 2nd Feb 2018.

Congratulations to Dr. Hui Feng on getting a grant (2018-2021) from American Cancer Society to support the study, Regulatory Role and Targetability of UFD1 in MYC-driven Leukemia. I am happy to be on the team contributing to the study.

Jon Long presented our paper titled "Antidote Application: An Educational System for Treatment of Common Toxin Overdose" at ACM-BCB 2017, Boston, MA, USA.

I presetned our paper titled "Data Analytics Based Positioning of Health Informatics programs" at 13th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Education in Computer Science, June 30th - July 3th 2017, Albena, Bulgaria.

Ruth Caleb presetned our paper titled "ConnEDCt: A Development Framework for Mobile Electronic Data Capture in Disconnected Communities" at 12th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Education in Computer Science, July 01-04 2016, Nuremburg, Germany.

I was invited to give a talk titled "Big Data Analytics in Immunology: A Knowledge-Based Approach" at 2015 Symposium on Immune Modeling in Big Data Era, Rochester, NY, USA.