Department Representatives

Department representatives are a vital part of the GSO. They help by distributing information to graduate students about current GSO events and issues, as well as bringing feedback from their department to our monthly meetings. Some departments are currently unrepresented. If this is true, and you would be interested in serving as your department's representative, we'd love to have you as a part of the GSO! Email us and/or come to the next meeting.

Each Masters or PhD degree-granting program or department in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is entitled to choose representative(s) to the GSO body. Each representative must be a current graduate student in the program or department they represent. There shall be no more than three representatives per department or program. The number of representatives accorded to any department or program shall be dependent upon its total number of graduate students registered within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; programs with up to 50 students are entitled to elect one representative; 51-100, two representatives; more than 100 students, three representatives.

E-mail addresses have been removed to help GSO representatives avoid spam! If you wish to contact a representative, please use the Boston University Directory.

Anthropology (1)

Cedony Allen

Applied Linguistics (1)

I-hao Woo


Archaeology (2)

Chantel White

Karen Hutchins

Pinar Ozguner



Art History (2)

Lana Sloutsky

Martina Tanga

Kate Sutlive

Astronomy (1)

 Carol Carveth

Jon Niehof

Chris Claysmith

Biology (2)

Liz Ewen

Angela Seliga



Program in Neuroscience (1)

Susan Mosher

Rob Komorowski


Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry (1)

Eugene Manley


Chemistry (3)

Zhiyuan Ma

Classical Studies (1)

Cognitive and Neural Systems (2)

Sohrob Kazerounian

Matt Silver

Alex Storer


Computer Science (2)

Michalis Potamias



Earth Sciences (1)

Besim Dragovic


Economics (3)

Andrew Ellis

Tim Bond

Max Parrish


English (2)

Stephanie Byttebier

Leslie Simon


Geography and Environment (1)

J. Meghan Salmon

Damien Sulla-Menashe


History (2)

Christine Axen

Jonathan Koefoed



International Relations (3)

Nabeela Ahmed

Lauren Sidrow


Mathematics and Statistics (1)

Baldur Hedinsson

Elizabeth Russell


Music (1)

Basil Considine


Philosophy (2)

Gregory Stoutenburg

Stacey Goguen


Physics (3)

Marc McGuigan


Political Science (2)

Laura Lucas

Abram Trosky


Psychology (3)

Yakeel Quiroz


Division of Religious and

Theological Studies (2)

Dave Larson

A. David Lewis

Emily Ronald


Romance Studies (1)

Molly Crellin

Peter Mahony


Sociology (1)

Zophia Edwards

School of Social Work (1)

Sarah Garlington

Meng Zeng