Elizabeth L. Blanton

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Clusters of Galaxies

Cooling Flows

AGN Feedback

Galaxy Formation and Evolution


X-ray, Optical, IR, & Radio Observations

Courses Taught

AS 102: The Astronomical Universe

AS 203: Intro to Stellar and Galactic Astronomy

AS 312: Stellar and Galactic Astrophysics

AS 701: Introduction to Astrophysics

AS 710: Observational Techniques

AS 850: Astrophysics Seminar

CC 105: Core Natural Sciences


Contact Information

eblanton (at) bu.edu


Astronomy Department

CAS 519

Boston University

725 Commonwealth Ave.

Boston, MA  02215

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A. Columbia University

A.B. Vassar College