David J. Waxman

Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Dept of Biology
Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1980

David Waxman

Molecular endocrinology and cell signaling; Cancer gene therapy and pharmacology; Liver genes and transcriptional control; Orphan receptors and responses to foreign chemicals

Humans, like other mammals, are exposed to a large number of toxic foreign chemicals, many of which are lipophilic and have a tendency to persist in fatty tissues. In response to this environmental challenge, mammals have evolved a large number of genes which encode cytochromes P450 and other enzymes that oxygenate lipophilic foreign compounds. Expression of these genes is controlled by a complex array of molecular regulatory circuits that respond to varying physiological conditions and changes in hormonal and environmental stimuli. In addition to metabolizing foreign chemicals, P450 enzymes hydroxylate physiological substrates, such as steroid hormones, arachidonic acid and cholesterol, which both compete with drug and other foreign chemical substrates and can regulate P450 metabolism through the modulation of P450 gene expression.

A major goal of our laboratory is to elucidate these metabolic processes at both the biochemical, molecular regulator and gemomic levels. One of our research projects involves the regulation of liver P450 gene expression by the temporal pattern of pituitary growth hormone (GH) release. A second important goal of our laboratory is to identify ways through which our understanding of P450 biochemistry and gene regulation may be applied to improve human health. These efforts are exemplified by our development of cytochrome P450 as a model for cancer gene therapy using drug-susceptibility genes. P450 genes have great promise for applications designed to enhance the sensitivity of tumor cells to cancer chemotherapeutic drugs.

Current areas of major research emphasis include:

1) liver P450 gene regulation by endocrine factors;
2) growth hormone signaling
3) the role of P450 in anti-cancer drug pharmacology; and
4) the importance of nuclear receptors in the response of P450s to foreign chemicals.

These studies require an interdisciplinary approach, with emphasis on techniques drawn from molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry and pharmacology. Model systems utilized include intact animal models (rat liver model, gene knockout mice, immunodeficient scid mice), cell culture models, and in vitro biochemicals studies, including the use of human liver microsomes and cDNA-expressed enzyme systems. Primary emphasis is placed on the following areas of research:

Endocrine control of hepatic P450 gene expression: cellular and molecular mechanisms. These studies are designed to elucidate the molecular basis for the developmental and sex dependent regulation of hepatic P450 genes. Current research projects investigate: (a) the molecular mechanisms by which the ultraradian pattern of growth hormone secretion can either masculinize hepatic enzyme expression (pulsatile pituitary growth hormone secretion) or feminize enzyme expression (continuous growth hormone secretion); (b) the role of the plasma membrane growth hormone receptor in growth hormone signaling and its activation of STAT proteins, signal transducers and activators of transcription which undergo tyrosine phosphorylation followed by nuclear translocation in response to growth hormone pulses; (c) thyroid hormone regulation of NADPH P450 reductase at the transcriptional and post-transitional levels; and (d) regulation of liver gene expression by PPAR and other orphan receptors that belong to the steroid receptor gene superfamily and respond to structurally diverse drugs and environmental chemicals.

Molecular pharmacology of P450 enzymes and their roles in anti-cancer drug and foreign chemical metabolism. Current research projects in the area of P450 pharmacology and toxicology include the following: (a) development of improved strategies for cancer therapy using P450 genes to sensitize tumor cells to cancer chemotherapeutic prodrugs (P450-based cancer gene therapy); (b) role of cytochrome P450 in the bioactivation of clinically useful anti-cancer drugs, with an emphasis on enzymes expressed in human liver; and (c) therapeutic and toxicological consequences of the modulation of P450 enzyme profiles in response to foreign chemical exposure.



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