Top 5 British gangster films:

John Mackenzie's The Long Good Friday
"For more than ten years there's been peace. I treated you lot well even when you was well out of order...but now there's been an ERUPTION."

Guy Ritchie's Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
"He then orders an Aristotle of the most ping pong tiddly in the nuclear sub and switches back to his footer."

Peter Medak's The Krays
"Those Krays are just hanging onto their mother's apron strings."

Charles Crichton's The Lavender Hill Mob
"By Jove, Holland, it's a good thing we're both honest men."

Jonathan Glazer's Sexy Beast
"People say, 'Don't you miss it, Gal?' I say, 'What, England? Nah. F*cking place. It's a dump. Don't make me laugh. Grey, grimy, sooty. What a shit hole. What a toilet. Every c**t with a long face shuffling about, moaning, all worried. No thanks, not for me.'"