Mimir - Software and Downloads

Mimir data reduction and analysis tools:

Current Available and Supported:

1. Mimir Software Package - Basic Data Processor (MSP-BDP) - a GUI-based IDL "project" that will allow performing all the raw data intake, quality testing, bookkeeping, dark/flat/linearity corrections needed to generate "science ready" images.

2. Mimir Software Package - Spectroscopy Data Reduction Tools - with Cookbook

Wavelength Calibration Tool (MSP-WCT) - a GUI-based IDL "project" that will aid the user in performing wavelength calibration of Mimir spectral images, using either OH night sky lines or images taken of the Argon line lamp. Will produce linearly dispersed, slit-shape corrected spectral images suitable for spectrum extraction.

Clean and Coadd Spectral images (MSP-CCS) - designed to take A-B dithered spectral images from the WCT and optimally stack, filter, and sum them. Produces the best S/N from Mimir spectra. Output goes to the spectral extractor (SXC).

Spectral Extractor and Converter (MSP-SXC) - extracts stellar or extended spectra from spectral images. Package also supports conversion from SpeX-type FITS files to ASCII, baseline removal from spectra, parsing into photometric bands, and plotting with line ID overlays for a variety of stellar types and emission line objects. No GUI as of yet.

Baseline Removal Tool (MSP-BRT) - for removing baselines, chopping spectra, etc.

Spectra Combining Tool (MSP-SCT) - for putting chopped spectra back together. Allows offsetting

Spectrum Annotation/Analysis Tool (MSP-SAT) - for displaying spectra, marking key lines and features. Includes H, He recomb. lines, most neutral atomic lines, ionic lines, molecular lines. Permits redshifting, zooming, and output to Postscript files.

3. Mimir Software Package - Photo-Polarimetry Analysis Tool (MSP-PPOL) - a GUI-based IDL "project" to perform astrometry, scaling, coadding, calibration, PSF-assisted crowded field aperture photometry, and polarimetric analysis of GPIPS-like polarimetry data from Mimir. Produces image tiles, PHOTCAT deep photometry (tied to 2MASS H-band magnitudes), and POLCAT polarizations for stars.

4. Mimir Software Testing Packages - for uncovering problems and quality assurance for polarimetry observations and data reductions

A. Zero Hop Tester (MSP-ZHT) - a GUI-based IDL project for testing Mimir polarization images for the presence of problems with HWP rotation ('zero hops' refer to problems in setting the HWP to zero phase). May be run on raw (CDS) images or images at any stage of processing. Also works on flat-field images.

B. EB Detector (MSP-EBD) - examines POLCATs to look for unphysical patterns, usually due to HWP hiccups.

C. Mock Star Tool - creates mock stars with real image PSFs, scales them to match magnitude distributions, inserts them into Mimir images, recovers results from MSP-PPOL Step 8 and 9 processing, and analyzes recovery rates, completeness, false positives, and Stokes U,Q properties. Currently a work in progress for a draft paper.

Note: Users must also fetch the "Astrolib_MSP" and "MSP_Library" zip files - the first is an older 'frozen' version of astrolib that was used when developing the Mimir Software Packages. (newer astrolibs will not work)

Internal Group-Level Tools:

5. Mimir Software Package - Data Release Manager (MSP-DRM) - early version of package to manage moving PPOL-processed GPIPS fields to the data-release 'candidates' disk file system. Not needed by general Mimir or GPIPS users. (removed from service)

6. Mimir Software Package - Mosaicking and Overlay Tool (MSP-MOT) - a GUI-based IDL "project" to stitch together GPIPS images and POLCATS into larger mosaicked images with polarization vector overlays (saves as FITS and/or TIFF files).

7. Mimir Software Package - Polarization Plotting Tool (MSP-PPT) - GUI-based IDL "project" to do high-level analysis of POLCATs. Will merge POLCATs, compare POLCATs, apply polarization selection criteria, and generate vector overlays (colored, uniform, variable length, uniform length, etc) for visualizing, printing to PostScript files, or to create DS9 region files.

8. GPIPS DR4 Field Finder - IDL project allowing user to identify desired field center and search radius. Returns plot and list of the GPIPS FOV numbers that are likely to contribute stellar information within the desired field.


Links to fetch the S/W tools:

Astrolib_MSP - 20140325 - the frozen version of astrolib needed by the packages below

MSP_Library - 20140707 - local library of routines shared by the packages

Mimir Software Package - Basic Data Processor (MSP-BDP), v3.4.6 - 20220622 - fixed LLQ bad A/D trap; Step 5 defaults

Previous Versions: MSP-BDP_v3.4.5_20200209 (supports COADDS image types)

Mimir Software Package - Photo-Polarimetry Analysis Tool (MSP-PPOL), v8.4.8.B - 20220528 - updated calls to 2MASS hosting sites

(v8.4.8 - 20200517 - fixed 2MASS-PSC calls to recognize "classic" PSC vs 6X deeper PSC (Cutri et al. 2012) properly. Important for dark clouds off the Galactic Plane.)

(v8.4.7 - fixed PHOTCAT star numbering to begin at unity.)

(v8.4.6 added ability to override USE=0 and atmospheric scaling [useful for photometric observations] and options supersky applications as scaled subtraction or division. Fixed PSF normalization problem and resolve_underscores crashes. v8.4.2 added support for mock star experiments and protection for saving Group Summary sav files (solves a remote file mount problem).

Previous Versions: MSP-PPOL_8.4.7_20200503.zip





Mimir Software Testing Packages

Zero Hop Tester v2.0.0 20161209 - ZIP file - better, more features

(previous version) Zero Hop Tester (MSP-ZHT), v1.0.6 - 20100209 (as a zip file)

EB Detector (MSP-EBD), v1.0 20161223

Mock Star Tool, v 1.0.0 20170115 - Creates, scales, inserts into Mimir images, manages upload and download. Analysis tab not yet connected to IDL analysis code (soon..). Cookbook early draft in the zip file, as well. More coming...

Mimir Spectroscopy Data Reduction Set of Tools: (in application order)

Mimir NIR Spectroscopy Data Reduction Cookbook - v3.4 - 20191111. Instructions on using the packages below for reducing Mimir spectral images into spectra and annotating/analyzing them.

0. Spextool - Mike Cushing's package for reducing Spex data. This version is older than the one currently on the IRTF website, but is needed to interface with Mimir spectroscopy reduction tools. As a zip file.

1. Wavelength Calibration Tool (MSP-WCT), v2.3.0 - 20140312- Also does H17, IZ17, IZYJ-1st, IZYJ-2nd, K17-Spec, HK-Spec, and "Fat-Eared" slit, also (as a zip file), updated for new Argon line list. Full GUI version.

2. Clean and Coadd Spectra (MSP-CCS), v2.1 - 20150416 - Works for small ABBA dithered stellar spectra and extended object spectra as well as for large throw (> 5 arcmin) extended object spectra. Full GUI version.

3. Spectral Extractor and Converter (MSP-SXC), v0.0.2 - 20140312 - No GUI yet.

4. Baseline Removal Tool (MSP-BRT), v1.1 - 20150414 - Displays spectra, allows zooming, selection of baseline regions, removal (either subtraction or division) of model baselines, stores corrected spectrum to disk. Full GUI version.

5. Spectra Combining Tool (MSP-SCT), v1.0 - 20150414 - Reads, optionally offsets in intensity, combines multiple spectra after BRT snipping into segments. Does NOT average or weight spectra. Full GUI version.

6. Spectrum Annotation/Analysis Tool (MSP-SAT), v3.2 - 201191113 - Reads spectrum, plots, zooms as desired, annotates lines of H, He, atoms, molecules, ions. Also shows likely lines for cool, warm, hot stars as well as emission and/or shock regions. Writes Postscript files of output. Full GUI version.

Mimir and other Polarimetry Analysis and Display Tools

Mimir Software Package - Mosaic and Overlay Tool (MSP-MOT), v1.0.0 - 20170317 - internal use only

Mimir Software Package - Image Trim , v1.0.0 - 20200531 - for trimming images prior to using MSP-MOT

Mimir Software Package - Polarimetry Plotting Tool (MSP-PPT), v1.4_20210726 - plots FITS images; merges and compares POLCATs; applies polarization selection criteria; overlays vector plots onto screen image, or PostScript file, or makes region files for DS9. V1.4 adds log(P) vector length option

GPIPS DR4 Access Tools

GPIPS_Find_Fields, v1.0 20200523 - allows user to select field center (in RA/Dec or L/B) and search radius. Returns list of GPIPS FOV numbers and plot of same. Plots to screen or a Postscript file.

To run any package within IDL (under IDL6.X):

    1. unpack the zip file
    2. open the IDL Development Editor (IDLDE) - be sure the "project window" is open
    3. click File->Open Project and change directories to find and open the file "MSP_WCT.prj" or "MSP_BDP.prj"
    4. click the Project->Compile->All Files button
    5. repeat step 4 once
    6. click the Project->Run button

For IDL8 users - the packages still run, but will take a bit of work to import, build, and run - see the following instructions:

MSP for IDL8 (20140312) - updated instructions for setting up IDL8 to run the Mimir Software Packages

At present, no packages have documentation or adequate help files. On the other hand, they have been written so that the processing steps, once completed, direct you to the next step.

When in doubt, drop us a line or call. Better yet, come spend some time with us in Boston!