Doctoral Dissertations Supervised at

University of Massachusetts/Amherst


1. "Stochastic Sample Path Analysis of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems"

Stephen G. Strickland, 1988


2. "Analysis and Optimization of Flow Control and Dynamic Scheduling

    Problems in Queueing Systems"

Jung-Bong Suk, 1989


3. "A Dynamic Load Balancing Approach to the Control of Multi-Server

    Polling Systems with Applications to Elevator System Dispatching"

James Lewis, 1991


4. "Sensitivity Analysis and Control of Queueing Systems with Real-Time

    Constraints and Discontinuous Performance Measures"

Michelle H. Kallmes, 1992


5. "Modeling and Performance Issues in Routing Problems"

Bibhu Mohanty, 1993


6. "Sample Path Analysis and Control of Finite Capacity Queueing Systems"

Panayotis Sparaggis, 1993


7. "Sample Path Based Sensitivity Analysis Techniques in Flow Control


Jie Pan, 1993


8. "Performance Response Surface Estimation Using Perturbation Analysis


Gang Bao, 1994


9. "Analysis and Control of Multiple Server Multiple Queue Polling Models"

Asif Gandhi, 1995


10. "Sample Path Techniques for Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks"

Vibhor Julka, 1995


11. "Performance Optimization Strategies for Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems"

David Pepyne, 1998


12.  "Sample Path Optimization Techniques for Dynamic Resource Allocation

       in Discrete Event Systems"

Christos Panayiotou, 1999


Doctoral Dissertations Supervised at

Boston University


13.  “New Optimization Methods for Some Complex Systems”

Kagan Gokbayrak, 2000


14.  Perturbation Analysis and On-Line Control for Discrete Event

        Systems via Stochastic Fluid Models

Gang Sun, 2003


15.  “Perturbation Analysis of Feedback-Controlled Stochastic Flow Systems”

Haining Yu, 2004


16.  “Cooperative Control and Application to Multi-Vehicle Systems

        and Sensor Networks”,

Wei Li, 2006


17. “System and Control Engineering Approaches to Some Network

        Vulnerability Problems”,

Xiaoyi Wu, 2006


18. “Energy-Latency Tradeoffs in Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks”,

Lei Miao, 2006


19. “Receding Horizon Methods in Cooperative Control for Stochastic

        Transportation Applications on Graphs”,

Kirk Wesselowski, 2007


20.  “Optimization Approaches for Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless

         Sensor Nodes and Networks”,

Shixin (Brenda) Zhuang, 2007


21.  Dynamic Energy Management in Resource Limited Systems with

        Real-Time Constraints”,

          Jianfeng Mao, 2008


22.  Control and Optimization Approaches for Power Management in Wireless

        Sensor Networks”,

          Ning Xu, 2009


23. “Distributed Control and Optimization in Energy Limited Cooperative Systems”

            Minyi Zhong, 2010


24. “Perturbation Analysis, Optimization and Resource Contention Games

        in Stochastic Hybrid Systems”

            Yao Chen, 2011


25. “Scheduling, Optimization and Perturbation Analysis in Stochastic Hybrid


            Ali Kebarighotbi, 2012


26. “Optimization Methods for Intelligent Transportation Systems in Urban Settings”

            Yanfeng Geng, 2013


27. “Control and Optimization Approaches for Power Management in Energy-Aware 

        Battery-Powered Systems”

            Tao Wang, 2013


28. “Optimal Control Approaches for Persistent Monitoring Problems”

            Xuchao Lin, 2014


29. “An Event-Driven Approach to Control and Optimization of Multi-Agent


Yasaman Khazaeni, 2016


30. “Topics in Perturbation Analysis for Stochastic Hybrid Systems”

Julia Lima Fleck, 2016


in progress:

 Sepideh Pourazarm, Xinmiao Sun, Yue Zhang, Nan Zhou