·        “Let’s Control Everything!”

2001 American Control Conference, June 2001 VIEW IT ON LINE-IE­_BROWSER_ONLY 

                                                                               PDF VERSION


·        “Complexity Made Simple (at a small price)”

9th IFAC Intl. Symposium on Large Scale Systems, July 2001 VIEW IT ON LINE-IE­_BROWSER_ONLY

                                                                                                       PDF VERSION


·       “From Discrete Event to Hybrid Systems”

6th Intl. Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, October 2002  PDF VERSION


·        “Bargain Hunting in the No-Free-Lunch Mall of Complex Systems”

41st IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, December 2002 VIEW IT ON LINE-IE­_BROWSER_ONLY

                                                                                           PDF VERSION


·        “A View of Cooperative Control for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Networks” *

2005 IEEE Intl. Symposium on Intelligent Control, June 2005  PDF VERSION


·        “Distributed Optimization for Cooperative Missions in Uncertain Environments” *

8th International Conference on Cooperative Control and Optimization, January 2008  PDF VERSION


·        “Cooperative Control and Optimization

      in an Uncertain, Asynchronous, Wireless Networked World”

3rd International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and Control, June 2008,

18th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, June 2010,

Distinguished Lecture, Information Science and Technology Center, Colorado State University, October 2010

                  Too large to post, see Other Resources for download info.                                                                                             


·        “Event-Driven Control and Optimization: Where Less is Often More*

24th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, May 2012  PDF VERSION


·        “Control and Optimization in Cyber-Physical Systems: From Sensor Networks to “Smart Parking” Apps” *

2012 Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Annual Conference, August 2012  PDF VERSION


·        “Discrete Event Systems: Modeling and Performance Analysis” *

2012 Brazil Automation Conference, August 2012  PDF VERSION


        * Animations and movies removed to reduce size (may be found at Other Resources)