CGC award







NSF grants $1.2 million to cope with complexities in manufacturing systems

October 1998

Collaborative Team Receives $2.5 Million Grant from the NSF

October 2003

ENG faculty developing sensors that stay in touch

October 2003

Christos Cassandras to lead team in researching “control and optimization” of sensors

November 2003

BU, UMass to collaborate on sensors networks

Mass High Tech, January 2004

Sensor Network Consortium Launched

December 2004

NSF grants $2M for EFRI project on Autonomously Reconfigurable Systems  

September 2007

Research Focuses on Getting Wireless Networks to Fix Themselves  

September 2007

Tough Questions on Electric Energy Management

June 2009

BU Team to Advance Surveillance Capabilities in Autonomous Vehicles

October 2009

New Models for Optimizing Mission Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Science Daily, April 2010

Systems Engineering Team Aims to Boost UAV Autonomy

May 2010

Christos Cassandras Named President-Elect of the IEEE Control Systems Society

November 2010

How Systems Engineers are Designing a Better World

Engineering Magazine, Fall 2010

Valet Parking: The App  

August 2011

BU “Smart Parking” on New England Cable News  

NECN, September 23, 2011

“Smart Parking” on BUniverse

October 2011

Career Focus: Systems Engineering  

IEEE-USA Today’s Engineer, November 2011

Control Systems Society President’s Interview

Control Systems Magazine, December 2011

Christos Cassandras Receives IEEE Control Systems Technology Award

January 2012

Smarter Cities: A Roadmap for the Future

March 2013

The Too-Smart City

Boston Globe, May 19, 2013

If Boston Were Smart

BU Today, October 28, 2013