The Boston University Lab:

Daniel takes a break from examining a lobster antennule.

Erin, hard at work as usual.

Julia runs a dye test in the lobster choice flume.

Daniel provides a highly entertaining reading of

Trevor Corson’s “The Secret Life of Lobsters.”

Lobster holding tanks.

BUMP teaching lab.

Say hello to Pinchy!

One of many clownfish in the BUMP lab.

BUMP Chemosensory Biology Course:

Megan releases Sheepsheads minnows at Little Sippewissett Marsh while the class looks on.

Lindsey demonstrates the fluid dynamics of her boots while Jelle explains those of the ocean.

Lauren proves that not all marine biologists have to get wet.

The class enjoys a lobster-pasta lunch at Jelle’s house in Woods Hole.

Jelle picks up a lobster shipment at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Daniel, Lindsey, Joel, Julia, and Megan hit the slopes together after a long day at the lab.

The Woods Hole Lab:

The Marine Biological Laboratory was established in 1888.

A smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis, swims freely in the flume.

The 2005 shark neurobiology team: Daniel, Sanaya, and Jelle.

Outside of lab and class:

A Wednesday morning Atema Lab meeting, complete

with fresh fruit, waffles, and cinnamon rolls.

Lab meeting: Erin, Mike, Daniel, and Joel.

The lab enjoys a lobster dinner at one of many Atema Lab weekend retreats to Woods Hole.

The lobster lab watches a short documentary on Jelle’s shark work that appeared on the Canadian Discovery Channel in 2007.

Osama sets up his target so that the rest of the lab can try out his compound hunting bow.

Jelle works on his marksmanship.