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Professor Alexander V. Sergienko


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Major Research Interests:

- Quantum information, quantum communication and cryptography, quantum networking, room-temperature linear-optical quantum computing;  

- Quantum computing and simulation of complex Hamiltonians of physical and chemical structures;

- Topological manipulation of quantum information; Error-resistant quantum information processing and computing based on joint entanglement in topology and polarization;

- Ultra-Precise optical measurement in science and technology (Quantum Metrology), Quantum sensors with attosecond (in time) and nanometer (in space) sensitivity based on quantum interferometry;

- Precise characterization of telecommunication network elements; Design, construction and operating principles of wavelength selective switches (WSS); Polarization and chromatic dispersion compensation of telecom signals;  

- Optical high-resolution 2D and 3D wide-filed imaging and microscopy, Hyper-spectral imaging, 3D Lidar imaging , Confocal high-resolution 2D and 3D imaging and microscopy; Fluorescence microscopy and image processing;  

- Quantum and correlation imaging, aberration-free imaging and microscopy in life sciences; 

- Integrated micro-and nano-photonics, quantum on-chip circuits, Quantum state engineering using parametric amplification in periodically polled nonlinear structures, entanglement manipulation and processing on a chip; 

- High-performance single-photon detection and correlation measurement in a wide spectral range from ultraviolet to mid-infrared;

- “Quantum Inspired” optical engineering and technology - building robust and efficient classical correlation tools inspired by the flexibility and information capacity of quantum entanglement.  







Prof. Alexander V. Sergienko

Prof. Gregg Jaeger

Prof. David Simon

Dr. Abu Thomas

Dr. Olga Minaeva

Dr. Roman Egorov

John Snyder

Casey Fitzpatrick

Mackenzie Van Camp

Shuto Osawa

Former Group Members:

Dr. Néstor Uribe Patarroyo, Dr. Cristian Bonato, Dr. Silvia Carrasco, Dr. Giovanni Di Giuseppe, Dr. Hugues De Chatellus, Patrick Stollenwerk, Alvin Stern, Oleksiy Pikalo, Golshan Coleiny, Cliff Williams, Mohammad Mazooji, Christopher Sataline, Brian Imhausen, Ken Bycenski, Dr. Kimani Toussaint, Dr. Zac Walton, Scott Hendrickson, Greg LaRosa, Dr. Mete Atature,Patrick Stone, Daniel Rummel, Matt Shaw, Ying-Tsang (Falcon) Liu , Jake Hofman, Matt Corbo, Dr. Matthew Daniell, Dr. Antoine Muller, Tedros Tsegaye, Dr. Dien Rice, George Bevis, Alex Zosuls, Ilya Tatar, Eric Dauler

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Financial Support: DARPA   NSF,  NIST,  CIPA Northrop Grumman NexGen





































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