MET CS 786 Parallel and Distributed Computations

Running programs or parts of programs concurrently and in an organized manner on different processors has long fascinated researchers with its promise of a quantum leap in computing power. However, it has been only recently that parallel and distributed computing left the laboratory and become the most dynamic component of the computer and networking industry. Presently it is the acknowledged key for solving large computational problems not only in science and engineering, but also in business, medicine and communications.

The transition to the world of concurrent distributed computations poses a tremendous challenge to the computer professional. The core of computer science theory and practice is built upon the centralized processing paradigm, i.e. centralized control, memory and computation. Concurrency requires a rethinking of the very basis of computer science.

It is the goal of this course to discuss parallel and distributed computing by taking into account architectural, algorithmic and software aspects and how they impact each other.
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