MET CS 667 Distributed  Computing in Java

Course Calendar Fall 2003

This is a tentative list of topics and will most certainly change (hopefully to the better and more interesting!) in the course of the semester


 1: R 09/04 Administrative.

Distributed Computations. Review of fundamentals of internetworking

Interprocess communication. TCP/IP. Socket-based communication.

Readings: handout: Networkings


  2: R 09/11 Sockets in Java

          Readings: handout: Sockets; For further readings see last slide of handout



  3: R 09/18 Multithreading

          Readings: handout: Multithreading;



 4: R 09/25 Synchronization. Serialization.

Readings: handout: Synchronization;



 5: R 10/02 RMI

Readings: handout: RMI I

Source Files: Product Info Client/Server ( , )

Array Math Client/Server ( , , )

Readings: handout: RMI II

Source Files: , Warehouse.javaWarehouseImpl.javaWarehouseServer.javaproducts.dat ,



 6: R 10/09 RMI (continued)


 7: R 10/16 Security

          Readings: handout: Security


  8: R 10/23 CORBA Overview. RMI and CORBA.

Readings: handout: Corba


 9:  R 10/30  XML and Java.

Readings: handout: XML with Java


10: R 11/06 JDBC. Servlets. JSP

          Readings: handout: JDBC. Servlets. JSP

Review for exam.

handout: PKE Fundamentals


11: R 11/13 Exam

12: R 11/20 EJB.


R 11/27 Thanksgiving: classes suspended   


13: R 12/04 Discussion of Student Projects.

handout: EJB

14: R 12/11 Other Java enabled technologies: Jini. Java Spaces

handout: Jini ,   JavaSpaces

15: R 12/18 Student Presentations


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