MET CS 566 Introduction to Algorithms

Homework - Summer 2003

All "Pencil&Paper" problems should be typed. If you have a hard time typing the formulae you may write them neatly in long hand.  A hard copy must be turned in on the due date.
For all programming assignments: (1) e-mail the source code to me at and (2) turn in a hard copy of the source code, and three test runs. The code should have short and concise comments, focusing on the algorithmic aspects.


W 06/16  Homework #1 total: 50 pts

M 07/28  Homework #2 total: 50 pts

M 08/11  Homework #3 total: 60 pts  Problem 4 due W 08/13

W 08/13 Extra Credit  total: 15 pts