Eric Zilli
Research Assistant Professor
Hasselmo Lab
Department of Psychology, Boston University
2 Cummington Mall
Boston MA 02215

2013 June 3: I have left academia to work as a data scientist/software engineer. I am still happy to answer questions about my publications, but I may be delayed in responding at times.

My research focuses on mathematical analyses of biophysical neuronal models and studying the role of memory in goal-directed behavior.

Some software I've written over the years.

For reprints of or additional information about any of my publications below, feel free to send me a message at: zilli at bu dot edu

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Zilli EA. 2012. Models of grid cell spatial firing published 2005-2011. Front Neural Circuits 6:16.
  • Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2010. Coupled noisy spiking neurons as velocity-controlled oscillators in a model of grid cell spatial firing. J Neurosci. 30(41): 13850-13860.
  • Hyman JM, Zilli EA, Paley AM, Hasselmo ME. 2010. Medial Prefrontal Cortex-Hippocampal Theta Interactions Associated With Working Memory Performance. Front Integr Neurosci. 4:2.
  • Hasselmo ME, Brandon MP, Yoshida M, Giocomo LM, Heys JG, Fransen E, Newman EL, Zilli EA. 2009. A phase code for memory could arise from circuit mechanisms in entorhinal cortex. Neural Netw. 22(8):1129-38.
  • Zilli EA, Yoshida M, Tahvildari B, Giocomo LM, Hasselmo ME. 2009. Evaluation of the oscillatory interference model of grid cell firing through analysis and measured period variance of some biological oscillators. PLoS Comput Biol. 5(11):e1000573.
  • Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2008. Analyses of Markov decision process structure regarding the possible strategic use of interacting memory systems. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. 2:6.
  • Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2008. The influence of Markov decision process structure on the possible strategic use of working memory and episodic memory. PLoS ONE 3(7):e2756.
  • Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2008. A Model of Behavioral Treatments for Self-Mutilation Behavior in Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. Neuroreport. 19(4):459-62.
  • Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2008. Modeling the Role of Working Memory and Episodic Memory in Behavioral Tasks. Hippocampus. 18(2):193-209.
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  • Manns JR, Zilli EA, Ong KC, Hasselmo ME, Eichenbaum H. 2007. Hippocampal CA1 Spiking During Encoding and Retrieval: Relation to Theta Phase. Neurobiol Learning and Memory. 87(1):9-20.
  • Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2006. An Analysis of the Mean Theta Phase of Population Activity in a Model of Hippocampal Region CA1. Network: Computation in Neural Systems 17(3):277-97.
  • Lee I, Griffin AL, Zilli EA, Eichenbaum H, Hasselmo ME. 2006. Gradual Translocation of Spatial Correlates of Neuronal firing in the Hippocampus towards Prospective Reward Locations. Neuron 51(5):639-50.
  • Hasselmo ME and Zilli EA. 2005. Hebbian Synaptic Modification in Cortical Circuits and Memory-Guided Behavior in Spatial Alternation and Delayed Non-Match to Position. IJCNN 2005 Proceedings.
  • Hyman JM, Zilli EA, Paley AM, Hasselmo ME. 2005. Medial Prefrontal Cortex Cells show Dynamic Modulation With the Hippocampal Theta Rhythm Dependent on Behavior. Hippocampus 15(6):739-49.

Published Abstracts

  • Giocomo LM, Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2007. Differences in subthreshold oscillations map to differences in periodicity of grid cells. COSYNE 2007 abstract.
  • Zilli EA and Hasselmo ME. 2005. A Model of Memory-Guided Behavior Based on Prefrontal Cortex Action Selection and Hippocampal Episodic Retrieval Program No. 775.7. Society for Neuroscience.
  • Hyman JM, Zilli EA, Paley AM, Hasselmo ME. 2005. Medial prefrontal cortex cells show dynamic modulation with the hippocampal theta rhythm dependent on behavior. Program No. 86.12. Society for Neuroscience.
  • Hyman JM, Zilli EA, Hasselmo ME. 2004. Medial prefrontal cortex cells fire with a phase relationship to the hippocampal theta rhythm. Program No. 551.12. Society for Neuroscience.
  • Orban G, Kiss T, Hajos M, Hoffmann W, Zilli EA, Erdi P. 2002. Modulation of septohippocampal theta oscillation by GABAA receptors: experimental and computational approach. 9th Meeting of the Hungarian Society for Neuroscience.

Reviewer for Journals: Hippocampus, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, Neural Computation, Neuroscience, PNAS, Psychological Review.

Center for Memory and Brain: Hasselmo Lab
Boston University

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