Political & Poetic Texts...
which might not be easily available elsewhere online

1. posted on 5/28/09 Thomas Hardy: "The Nightingale"
2. posted on 9/14/09 John Ashbery: "Loving Mad Tom"
3. posted on 5/4/10

audio recording of John Griffin's "Antiphon"

4. posted on 8/27/10

Sylvia Plath: "Mushrooms"

5. posted on 7/28/11

Kingsley Amis: "Something Was Moaning in the Corner"

6. posted on 12/8/14

Per Svensson: "Rise of the Far Right" (h/t BoingBoing)

Other hard-to-find texts, or texts which might otherwise be prone to disappearance, can be found at:

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