Campfire Songs

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1. posted on 11/28/07 "That Good Ol' Mountain Dew"

The 10 Campfire Commandments

I.       Know thy song.
II.      Explain thy song clearly.
III.     Thou shalt keep a proper pitch.
IV.    Thy audience shalt practice thy song.
V .    Never shalt thou ask a question.
VI .   Thou shalt not stand still.
VII .  Thou shalt keep thy sense of humor.
VIII . Thou shalt be enthusiastic and smiley.
IX.    Thou shalt relax.
X.     Thou shall innovate.

2.posted on 11/28/07 "Scout Vespers"
3. posted on 11/28/07 "Dunderbeck's Machine"
4. posted on 12/04/07 "A Cowboy's Hard Times"
5. posted on 06/02/08 "Farewell Song ('I am a man of constant sorrow')"
6. posted on 06/23/08 "I Wish My Baby Was Born"
7. posted on 07/4/09 "Rising Sun Blues"
8. posted on 09/01/10 "Song of a Space Raccoon" (offsite)