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Title Performer scene/location
(Why Not) Take All of Me club band Club Manderlay
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, vocals by Ray Eberle MacDuff's, and 1st exit music
Blue Moon club band Club Manderlay
Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead (unidentified big band version) hotel lobby
Frenesi Artie Shaw ballroom dance
Get Your Kicks on Route 66 club band Club Manderlay
H Muet (Jokers of the Scene remix) The Brash blood ritual mix
Hit the Road Jack club band Club Manderlay; sometimes in a swing medley for the finale
How High the Moon club band Club Manderlay
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire The Ink Spots Malcolm's office
Is That All There Is Peggy Lee hotel lobby
It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing) club band Club Manderlay; sometimes in a swing medley for the finale
It's Only a Paper Moon club band Club Manderlay
Let's Put Out the Lights Rudy Vallee ??
Misty club band Club Manderlay
Moonglow Benny Goodman ??
Moonlight Becomes You Bing Crosby ??
Moonlight Becomes You Glenn Miller ??
Moonlight Serenade Glenn Miller Bird Room/Dark Room
My Funny Valentine ?? Club Manderlay
Night and Day ?? Club Manderlay
Reece Ed Rush & Optical blood ritual mix
Somewhere Over the Rainbow club band Club Manderlay; sometimes used for the finale
Stormy Weather club band Club Manderlay
Summertime club band Club Manderlay; sometimes in a swing medley for the finale
Vertigo theme Bernard Herrmann ??
Weep No More My Baby Ray Noble & His Orchestra ??
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano The Ink Spots 2nd exit music (heard in the small taxidermy room)
?? ?? lullaby playing after the Macduffs dance on the shelves, and are down on the love seats
?? ?? song during the dance the Second Mrs. DeWinter is involved in

Character Name Band
"Elsie" Hayley Jane Hayley Jane and the Primates
"Annie Goodchild" Annie Darcy Annie Darcy Band , Melou
pianist James Merenda  


YouTube playlist, compiled from lists created by andsym90001 (profile) and jbulava (profile)

  1. The $20 Bill, Target Practise (Taxi Driver Soundtrac... (URL:
  2. Bernard Herrmann - Marnie Theme (URL:
  3. III - Souvenirs de Voyage - Bernard Herrmann (Andant... (URL:
  4. Bernard Herrmann - Fahrenheit 451 (Prelude) (URL:
  5. Bernard Herrmann - The Bride wore Black (without dia... (URL:
  6. Bernard Herrmann: The Day The Earth Stood Still - Pr... (URL:
  7. I - Souvenirs de Voyage - Bernard Herrmann (Andante ... (URL:
  8. Walking Distance Score - Bernard Herrmann - The Twil... (URL:
  9. Bernard Herrmann: The City of Brass (URL:
  10. Bernard Herrmann ~ Jane Eyre (URL:
  11. Best Movie Soundtracks 095 - Vertigo - Prelude and R... (URL:
  12. Bernard Herrmann - Duo/Honeycomb/The Giant Bee 1 (My... (URL:
  13. Bernard Herrmann - The Giant Crab (Mysterious Island) (URL:
  14. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) - Selections - Berna... (URL:
  15. Bernard Herrmann - Jason And The Argonauts (URL:
  16. Marnie - ''Prelude'' [1964] Bernard Hermann (URL:
  17. Bernard Herrmann - Cape Fear (1962) - 1. Main (URL:
  18. Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver (theme) (URL:
  19. Bernard Herrmann- Twisted Nerve (URL:
  20. ?? - Souvenirs de Voyage - Bernard Herrmann (Berceuse) (URL:
  21. Canada ~ The Reading & Nocturne By Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  22. Bernard Herrmann: North By Northwest - Main (URL:
  23. Cleaning the Cab (Taxi Driver Soundtrack) - Bernard ... (URL:
  24. Bernard Herrmann - Prince of Players suite - Idyll (URL:
  26. Bernard Herrmann - Danger A & B/Lava Flow/The Octopu... (URL:
  27. Alaska ~ Walking Distance By Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  28. Bernard Herrmann - The Mountain/The Crater (Journey ... (URL:
  29. Kane's New Office - Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  30. Thank God for the Rain (Taxi Driver Soundtrack) - Be... (URL:
  31. Bernard Herrmann - Andante Cantabile (The Ghost And ... (URL:
  32. Bernard Herrmann - The Sail/The Giant Bee 2/The Flag... (URL:
  33. The Classic Bernard Herrmann Part 2 (URL:
  34. Silent Noon by Bernard Herrmann (1933/1975) (URL:
  35. Bernard Herrmann - The Duck/The Count's Death (Journ... (URL:
  36. Bernard Herrmann - The Battle/The Tower/The Escape/T... (URL:
  37. Bernard Herrmann - Main Theme (Vertigo Soundtrack) (URL:
  38. Bernard Herrmann - Prelude from The Wrong Man (URL:
  39. Bernard Herrmann - The Days Do Not End (URL:
  40. The Naked and the Dead by Bernard Herrmann, conducte... (URL:
  41. "God Bless Us Every One" - Bernard Herrmann (from "A... (URL:
  42. Assassination Attempt, After the Carnage (Taxi Drive... (URL:
  43. Bernard Herrmann - Salt Slides/The Pool/Dead Groom/T... (URL:
  44. Bernard Herrmann - the Elevator - Magnetic Pull (URL:
  45. Bernard Herrmann - Flight, The Patrol Car, The Car L... (URL:
  46. Bernard Herrmann - Outer Space (URL:
  47. Bernard Herrmann - The Car / Temptation (Psycho OST) (URL:
  48. Bernard Herrmann - The .44 Magnum Is A Monster (URL:
  49. Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo (theme) (URL:
  50. Bernard Herrmann - The Rock/The Sub Deck/The Tentacl... (URL:
  51. Bernard Herrmann - The Cottage/Coronation March (URL:
  52. North By Northwest - Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  53. Bernard Herrmann - Psycho suite (URL:
  54. Obsession - The Ferry by Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  55. Bernard Herrmann -Diary of a Taxi Driver (Subs) (URL:
  56. ON DANGEROUS GROUND (1951) - Death Hunt - Bernard He... (URL:
  57. Bernard Herrmann - Canyon/Cave Glow/Mushroom Forest ... (URL:
  58. Baylor Summer Camp 2009 Bear Chamber Psycho, Prelude... (URL:
  59. JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (1959) Soundtrack... (URL:
  60. Bernard Herrmann - Prince of Players Complete Suite (URL:
  61. Bernard Herrmann - Garden of Evil (1954) complete fi... (URL:
  62. Bernard Herrmann: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - Prelude;... (URL:
  63. Jason and the Argonauts - ''Prelude'' [1963] Bernard... (URL:
  64. Bernard Herrmann -- The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit... (URL:
  65. Bernard Herrmann - Psycho: The Murder (URL:
  66. Bernard Herrmann - Journey to the Center of the Earth (URL:
  67. Bernard Herrmann - Cape Fear (theme) (URL:
  68. Bernard Herrmann - Psycho (theme) (URL:
  69. Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo (Suite) - Alred Hitchcock (URL:
  70. Taxi Driver - Betsy in a White Dress - Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  71. Bernard Herrmann - The Road & Finale (Fahrenheit 451) (URL:
  72. Bernard Herrmann : For the Fallen, for orchestra (1943) (URL:
  73. Bernard Herrmann - Magnetic Storm/Whirlpool/The Beac... (URL:
  74. Bernard Herrmann - The Lonely [I-XI] Complete Scores... (URL:
  75. Bernard Herrmann-Vertigo(Carlotta's portrait).mp4 (URL:
  76. Bernard Herrmann - Theme From "Taxi Driver" feat. To... (URL:
  77. Bernard Herrmann - Elena/The Shadow/The Bird (Myster... (URL:
  78. Bernard Herrmann - The Cliff/The Cave/Narration/R.C.... (URL:
  79. Taxi Driver - Phone Call - Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  80. Taxi Driver"I Work The Whole City"-Bernard Her... (URL:
  81. BERNARD HERRMANN Hangover Square (URL:
  82. Psycho - ''Prelude'' [1960] Bernard Hermann (URL:
  83. Bernard Herrmann: 'Vertigo' - "Love Scene" - Serebri... (URL:
  84. Bernard Herrmann - The Air Horse/The Ship Rising/The... (URL:
  85. Bernard Herrmann - The Book People / The Final Show (URL:
  86. Vertigo Main - The Rooftop - Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  87. Bernard Herrmann - The Man Who Knew Too Much (Prelud... (URL:
  88. Bernard Herrmann - The Island/The Rocks/Exploration ... (URL:
  89. Bernard Herrmann - Themes from Tender Is The Night II (URL:
  90. God's Lonely Man (Taxi Driver Soundtrack) - Bernard ... (URL:
  91. Bernard Herrmann - The Nautilus/The Bridge/The Pirat... (URL:
  93. Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo - Scene d'Amour (URL:
  94. Bernard Herrmann : Symphony n°1 (1941) 1/3 (URL:
  95. Bernard Herrmann - Symphony No 1 - III. Andante Sost... (URL:
  96. Partisan March - Bernard Herrmann (conducting the Lo... (URL:
  97. "Concerto Macabre" by Bernard Herrmann (URL:
  98. Bernard Herrmann - The Volcano/The Crater/The Beach/... (URL:
  99. Bernard Herrmann - Lost City/Atlantis (Journey To Th... (URL:
  100. Bernard Herrmann - Gort / Gort's Rage (URL:
  101. The Brash - H Muet (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) (URL:
  102. Ed Rush & Optical - Reece (URL:
  103. Peggy Lee - ♫ Is That All There Is ♫ (URL:
  104. Artie Shaw - Frenesi (URL:
  105. GLENN MILLER & His Orchestra: Moonlight Becomes You (URL:
  106. GLENN MILLER & His Orchestra: When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano (URL:
  107. Benny Goodman - Moonglow (URL:
  108. "Let's Put Out the Lights" (Rudy Vallee, 1932) (URL:
  109. Billie Holiday, My Man (URL:
  110. Weep No More My Baby - Lew Stone and His Band at the Café Anglais, ft. Al Bowlly vocals (URL:
  111. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire-The Ink Spots (URL:
  112. Bing Crosby - Moonlight Becomes You (URL:
  113. Bernard Herrmann: 'Vertigo' - "Love Scene" - Serebrier conducts (URL:



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