An unofficial guide to the layout of the McKittrick Hotel, site of the Sleep No More staging in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City (reposted from



Introduction: The purpose of this site is to develop the layout / floor plan / floor map and scene list. Eventually we would like to have graphical maps to scale, and a list of TIMES that scenes are played by location.

Anyone can contribute! Everyone please contribute!

GENERAL: There are seven (7) floors, numbered here 0 through 6. The 1st floor is a sort of mezzanine / balcony to 0.

There are two exit staircases, East and West. On some, but not all, floors, they are marked as (for instance) 5E and 5W. These will be used as landmarks in what follows.

The elevator is near the East staircase.

Generally the staircases are available on every floor. In some cases, however, the stairs are marked “For Emergency Use Only.”

6th FLOOR:

Occasionally on the initial elevator ride, one person will be let out on the 6th Floor.

At both stairwells, above 5W and 5E, there is a rope across the stairwell with a steward blocking the way.

From 5W if you walk down the hallway one of the first doors on the left will be white double-doors with no knobs or handles. On one occasion a cable was partly holding these doors open. There is a room with furniture behind these doors, and on the far (back) wall there is a wooden staircase leading upwards from right to left. This staircase also appears to lead to the 6th floor. In the woods on the fifth floor, there is a section closed off with a locked wrought iron gate with a staircase leading to the sixth floor.

5th FLOOR:

5E: The King James Sanitorium. There is a waiting room, and a small office off the waiting room. Sometimes there is a key on a table in the office; not clear what lock (if any) this key goes to. After the waiting room there is a ward with eight beds. There is a patient chart and a crucifix at the head of each bed. One bed is full of potatoes (yes, really). A scene with Lady Macbeth and the nurse plays out here. There is also a large case full of bottles (labels include "castor oil," "honey," etc.).

Beyond the ward, there is a room with many bathtubs.Nearby are several one-person restrooms for use by guests. These are poorly illuminated.
There is a then a corridor with several rooms, includes a padded cell with straitjacket on the floor; an office with microscope and slides and surgery / neurology texts; a psychiatrist's office with couch and notes from a therapy session with Lady Macduff; and what looks like a torture chamber (chair with straps and a tray full of strange metal implements).

5W: Woods. This is set up as a maze. It is hard to see how the sections are connected but they all do connect.

In the back corner (same end as 5W) there is a wooden hut. Stairs lead up and at times light comes through the cracks of the boards. It is difficult to see inside. At one point bright light shines from the hut into the forest, as the nurse writes "who will hang them? honest men" on a tree (line from Macbeth Act IV, scene ii).
At some points, the entire forest is closed off with a locked wrought iron gate.
It is always possible to get into the forrest by climbing through an open window that connects with the rooms with many bathtubs. There are many exits from the forrest that one can open from inside the forrest that do not open from the hallway.

See also the note about the closed room with a staircase to the 6th Floor.

4th FLOOR:

4E: One door is marked “closed” but if you go around the wall (to the right of the door) there is a door that is open.

Room with lots of laundry.

4W: Passages lined with cardboard boxes. These lead to a bar on the left with a pool table situated near a wall. At one point the speakeasy bartender serves guests shots of liquor in a ritualistic way. There is a big scene here, where stewards will guide guests to the edges of the room as the action takes place throughout the entire scene. Off the bar area is the village of Gallow Green. This includes a taxidermist's shop, a detective agency, a tailor's shop, and a candy shop (where guests can eat candy out of the jars). There is also a embalming shop with a casket with prayers nailed to it, and an embalming room in the back. Off the embalming room is a locked room with red light.
There is also a large cabaret area with several round tables and a bar. In this room the “Witches Scene” is played with laser lights, strobe lights, baby, topless dancing, etc.

3rd FLOOR:

3E: Bedrooms. One room has a crib. One room has an adult-sized bed and there is a half-mirrored glass door and through this you can apparently see the same room, but actually you are looking through this into the room beyond and there you see the same bed and the same scene but the bed has blood on it (Duncan’s death).

Next is a graveyard area.

3W: After the graveyard, there is a large room with ruins and statues. Then there is a large room with one bathtub. Some washing scenes play here.

2nd FLOOR:

2E: Hotel desk

Adjoining is a very small dressing room where a scene takes place.

Signs in this area read “To the ballroom.” This is down to levels of stairs to the 0th Floor.

There is a piano along the wall. To the right of this piano, down a short dark side hallway, there are restrooms for men and women (marked M and W) for use by guests. They are very hard to see and find. These are very dark inside.

Main bar (which serves drinks) where you were initially. There are two passageways that lead to this from the 2E area.

1st FLOOR:

This is a mezzanine level (balcony) that overlooks the 0th floor.

1W: There is a bar area with a staircase down to the 0th floor. This is along the back wall but it is not obvious.

Center: Down a few steps is a small room with an armchair. This overlooks the balcony.

0th FLOOR:

Ballroom area. Long table for banquet scene with Banquo’s ghost and the finale. Also used for moving trees (Birnam Wood to Dunsiname).




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