Some published works of mine online:

  1. At Old Frog Pond Farm, a farm and art studio in Harvard, Mass., a poem: "Self-Portrait from a Remove," appearing online as their Poem of the Month in November 2020. Note a typo on the site; the penultimate line should be "which is the book of the dream that nature."
  2. In Art on the Trails: Rising Up, a chapbook directed by Catherine Weber as part of a site-specific poetry event at Beal Preserve in Southborough, the poem "Capture Something Mysterious", October 2020.
  3. In Refuge, a chapbook edited by Susan Edwards Richmond, the poem "Pinegrove", September 2020.
  4. In the Iowa Review online, as part of their Poetry Month feature series, two sonnets: "Remediation" and "Plum Island", April 2020.
  5. In Arts & Letters, a magazine edited by Raquel Balboni and Ben Mazer, the sonnet "Lamp", published as the December 2019-January 2020 issue.
  6. In the final issue of Hollow, the sonnet "Kulturfolger", June 2019.
  7. In the Pentecost issue of Dappled Things, two sonnets: "Cicadetta montana" and "Mud Daubers", June 2019.
  8. In Hawk & Whippoorwill, the sonnet "Raztsvet", December 2018.
  9. In Issue 205.3 of Noble / Gas Qtrly, two sonnets: "Fallen Fruit" and "The Gardens in the Fens", September 2018.
  10. In The Bosphorus Review of Books, based in Istanbul, the sonnet sequence "Underground", May 2018.
  11. In The Journal of the Core Curriculum, a campus anthology, the sonnet "After Sappho", May 2018.
  12. In Morning Star, a newspaper "for peace and socialism", the sonnet "Churchwedding", February 2018.
  13. In Queen Mob's Tea House, a column of memorable reads of 2017, published along with contributions from other authors under the title "Queen Mob's Review of 2017", January 2018.
  14. In Stone's Throw, a journal edited by Chad Parenteau, the poem "Holiday Sonnet", published in December 2017.
  15. In Peach Velvet, a journal edited by Veronica Mattaboni, the poem "Epitaph for Tollund Man", published in October 2017.
  16. In Incessant Pipe, a journal edited by Clay Ventre, the poem "Hydrophobia", published in October 2017.
  17. In Oddball Magazine, a journal edited by Chad Parenteau, the poem "mousehole", published in October 2017.
  18. In Asses of Parnassus, a journal devoted to short, witty, formal poems, the poem "Triad for August", published in October 2017.
  19. In Art on the Trails: Ekphrasis, a chapbook directed by Catherine Weber, the poem "Thirteen Aspects of a Nest", September 2017. Awarded first place in the poetry competion.
  20. At The Street mall in Chestnut Hill, Newton, the poem "October Landscape" appears as part of a Poetry in Place installation called Artful Unveiling, opened in May 2017.
  21. In the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene blog, a poem for my departed friend Mark Schorr, "Lascaux Massachusetts", published in January 2017.
  22. In Elsewhere, a long poem, titled "Père Lachaise", consisting of 16-line postcards describing our honeymoon visit to a Paris cemetary, published in the spring of 2017.
  23. In the launch issue of Bombus, a pair of "uncreative" sonnets, "Delphic" and "Life of the Bees," published in November 2016.
  24. In The Battersea Review, Issue Number 6, three translations from the Spanish of Héctor Abad: "Before The Mirror, At Dawn" ("Ante El Espejo, Al Amanecer"), "Magical Realism" ("Realismo Mágico"), and "Osip Mandelstam" ("Ossip Mandelstamm"), published in October 2016.
  25. In the online magazine Fallujah, a pair of linked sonnets: "Sea Figures," published in August 2016.
  26. Review of an exhibition of sculptures by Liz Larner (Aspen Art Museum) in Issue 19 of Clarion magazine, published in 2016.
  27. At Secular Age, an essay column linking blasphemy, creative expression, and Charlie Hebdo, written in April 2016 and published in May 2016.
  28. At Public Pool, in their "Right Now" breaking-news poety feature, a poem: "JULY SEVENTH TWENTY SIXTEEN," appearing online in July 2016.
  29. In Written River, two poems: one of which appears at the journal's website as of May 2016.
  30. In Unbroken Journal, a prose-poem: "Whose Hope Lies in the Ocean," appearing online in January 2016.
  31. In Lotus-Eater, a magazine based in Rome, a poem: "Savoir-Vivre," appearing in a PDF version of the third issue (page 36), published online in November 2015.
  32. In the launch issue, Volume 1, of Tell-Tale Inklings, a short story "The Performance", published in Summer 2015.
  33. In Found Poetry Review, an online journal of found poetry: two cento sonnets: "Everyone Remembers Where They Were" and "If It's The Last Thing I Do." Appearing in Volume 8, 2015; and a poem, "Rue," appearing in Volume 6, 2014.
  34. At Eyewear, "the most read British poetry blogzine", a poem: "On Governor Nixon's Advice," appearing online in December 2014.
  35. Reviews of three books (Speculation by Edmund Jorgensen, The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales by Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge, and The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross) and of a site-specific sculpture installation (“Energy Necklace” in Newton, Mass.) in Issue 17 of Clarion magazine, published in 2014.
  36. In MadHat (formerly Mad Hatter's Review), a visual analect, in Issue 15, 2014.
  37. In Berfrois, a literary-intellectual online magazine: a prose satire, co-written with Vladimir Savich: "New Slang for Sevastopol: Nine Key Concepts for Understanding Recent Events, paired to illustrative images from the Web". Appearing online in August 2014.
  38. At E-Verse Radio, a poetry blog, a sonnet: "At the Fish Market," appearing online in June 2014.
  39. At Old Frog Pond Farm, a farm and art studio in Harvard, Mass., a poem: "To the Constant Season," appearing online as their Poem of the Month in March 2014.
  40. At the Eyewear Books blog, a poem: "Thinking of Tomorrow in a Drowsy State" in August 2013.
  41. Reviews of two books (The Other Walk by Sven Birkerts, and The Greek Anthology, Book XVII by Greg Delanty), of a play (Ryan Landry’s M at the Huntington Theatre), and of a reading (featuring Kasia Buczkowska and Marcia Karp at the Editorial Institute), in Issue 16 of Clarion magazine, published in 2013.
  42. In The Original Van Goghs Ear Anthology, an online journal, a sonnet: "Animus," appearing online in January 2013.
  43. Reviews of two books (The Other Walk by Sven Birkerts, and The Greek Anthology, Book XVII by Greg Delanty) in Issue 15 of Clarion magazine, published in 2012.
  44. In The Tower Journal, an online journal, three sonnets: "Countenance," "How to Resist," and "Anamnesis." Appearing in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue, Volume IV, Number 4.
  45. In Humanist Voices in Verse, a column in the weekly e-zine of the American Humanist Association, two sonnets: "Unimmanence" and "Eucharist." Distributed in September 2011.
  46. At Project Rebuild, a remix/rebuilt/revision of a prompt poem.
  47. In 236, an online journal published by the Boston University Creative Writing Program, a poem: "To a Philosopher," appearing in Issue 3, Fall 2013.
  48. In Bellevue Literary Review, "a journal of humanity and human experience," a sonnet: "Psoriasis", in the Spring 2013 issue.
  49. In Moria Poetry Journal, now closed (through Moria Books is active), three poems: "Crepuscule," "digitus medicinalis," "stall aria." Appearing in the Spring/Summer 2010 double issue, Volume 12 Number 4 and Volume 13 No. 1.
  50. At The Ottoman Estate, a blog featuring interviews and audio recordings with poets, three poems: "Island Camping", "Kowloon", and "The New The Last The Next." Appearing online in May 2010.
  51. Reviews of three books (Mozart’s Third Brain by Göran Sonnevi, In the Flesh by Adam O’Riordan, and Medicine Show by Tom Yuill) in Issue 14 of Clarion magazine, published in 2009.
  52. In Clarion magazine, a poem, "On Not Having Psychic Powers", published in 2009.
  53. In Literary Imagination, a journal published by OUP for the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers, a poem: "Late November Lake," appearing in the Fall 2009 issue, doi 10.1093/litimag/imp070.
  54. In Free Verse, an online journal of contemporary poetry and poetics published at North Carolina State University, four poems: "On Building;" "The First Church of Christ, Scientist", sections I ("Edifice: Spirit and Mother Substance") and II ("Doctrine: Mary’s Beating Marble Heart"); "The Moment;" and "The Eucharist." Appearing in the Summer 2009 issue, #16, in a supplement titled "New Voices of New England."
  55. In The Bleed, a vispo journal, five 'speartip' poems: "The Anxious Prince," "The Raving Prince," "The Wounded Deer," "The Venetian Usurer," and "The Scottish Player," published under the name William van den Bosch.
  56. In The Christian Science Monitor, the poem "Two Words", published in print in October 2002.
  57. In De Ideis, a quarterly bulletin published at Boston University, now defunct, an essay: "My dilettante enlightenment: on eating mindfully." Appearing in the January 2002 issue, Volume I, Number 2.

In addition to the links above, a good quantity of my writing (in the form of drafts, fourteeners, and quatrains, mostly) can be found at The Wonder Reflex blog; most poem posts not explicitly attributed to other authors are my own.