1. 17 April 2013
    The Age of Reason podcast: Episode 4, Tribute to the Boston Marathon
  2. 20 September 2012
    Discussion with Gabriel McDonald of the Nontheology Podcast
  3. 9 June 2011
    Interview for The Socrates Exchange show on New Hampshire National Public Radio, on the question of the meaning of life
  4. 5 May 2010
    Interview about my poetry, and audio recordings of my own reading, for The Ottoman Estate
  5. 33 October 2009
    "Good Without God", a profile on secular organizations in the Boston area, for the WCVB program, Chronicle HD
  6. 29 December 2007
    "Boston atheists celebrate holidays in their own way", an interview for the Emerson student newspaper
  7. 21 November 2007
    The Joiner blog profiles me and the Boston Atheists
  8. 3 October 2007
    Discussed my work translating French literary texts, on Guila Clara Kessous' "Frenchship" radio show WTBU
  9. 16 September 2007
    "The Nonbelievers", a profile for The Boston Globe Magazine about Boston secular organizations
  10. 18 December 2005
    "Atheists love Christmas, too", a profile of me and the Boston Atheists for the Boston Herald
  11. 20 January 2005
    "God, no", a profile of me, the Boston Atheists, and atheism in Boston, for The Boston Globe