Making a Greener BU

proposed on proposal to make the Charles River campus more energy-efficient or resource-responsible
2/22/10 Participate in the first-annual EcOlympics, sponsored by the BU Core Curriculum.
9/5/08 Replace restroom towel dispensers with auto-shutoff hand dryers. (suggested by Lindsey Gould, CAS '10)
4/11/08 Make double-sided printing default -- or mandatory -- on all Information Technology printers. (suggested by Abby Simon, CAS '09, and Tom Spaeth (CAS '08)
10/22/07 Place mingled recycling bins along Commonwealth Avenue (suggested by Alexa Ray Correia, CAS '10)
10/22/07 Cease department funding for Poland Spring bottled water bubblers, and ask faculty to enjoy Boston's tasty and free tap water
9/10/07 Distribute BU-branded durable metal or ceramic travel mugs to incoming students, faculty, and staff, for use in offices, dorms, and dining halls, in order to reduce cup waste
9/10/07 Prohibit the distribution of promotional magazines and products (e.g., H&M Magazine) on campus
9/6/07 Use motion detectors and timer switches to ensure building lights are off after-hours (suggested by Dr. Johanna Gutlerner)
9/6/07 Install LED bulbs in facility EXIT signs (suggested by Dr. Johanna Gutlerner)
9/4/07 Install a bike room in the ground-level parking garage of Warren Towers in order to encourage the use of bicycles on campus
9/4/07 Have a central recycling depot on campus, to which B&G workers deliver recyclables collected in dorms and offices, thus making it easier for the University to contract with collection companies.
9/4/07 Install detectors at the ends of the Warren escalators so that they are not running unless a person approaches them (suggested by Abby Simon, CAS '09, who observed such a system in operation in Milan, Italy)

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