Progressive Goals for Civic Humanists

Added Goal
5/23/13 Let us establish an international minimum wage (or, of a minimum wage requirement for all businesses seeking access to the US market)
5/23/13 Let us denounce the religious education of children as coercive and harmful
7/8/13 Let us develop income-based repayment models for higher education (see also the work of the Economic Opportunity Institute, a "think tank for the middle class")

Let us evaluate corporate health and success with a new metric that crosses shareholder value against the historical average (and while we're at it, discard the notion that a corporate executive is an employee of the shareholders)

7/8/13 Let us remind public school students that paying taxes is high patriotism
7/8/13 Let us demand paternity leave provisions from our employers and healthcare providers
7/8/13 Let us institute a program by which pregnant mothers may select to receive either a cash payment (to offset the exorbitant cost of pregnancy) or a maternity supplies kit
7/8/13 Let us close exemptions to the 1973 Convention concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment, so as to end the exploitative and disorienting use of child performers in commercial advertising or entertainment media
7/29/13 Let us have congressional districts drawn by a nonpartisan committee or transparent algorithm

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