Mobile Advertising

According to most mobile marketing experts, mobile advertising is increasingly outsourcing other modes of marketing like computer, electronic or print media. Since mobile phones are now widely used to access the internet, they are considered the latest frontier of marketing, which is predominantly successful for local and regional-based marketing campaigns.

With the onslaught of mobile users, many marketing companies have taken advantage of the scenario and introduced quite effective marketing solutions. Among others, LeadBolt is a top-ranking mobile ad network that offers result-oriented, easy to implement marketing solutions.

Small businesses are particularly benefitting from mobile marketing. By accessing mobile users, they not only improve their online social networking campaign but also promote their services, apps, mobile base properties and other types of products. As a result of this cheap viral marketing, they generate handsome profits within short span of time.

Of course, there is a variety of mobile advertising strategies; however, most of them are just the mobile versions of their counterparts on the web. You will find display advertising (banner ads, links) and affiliate marketing to be almost similar on mobile and computer-based web. Other than that, text messages or SMS advertising has also earned popularity as one of the biggest segments of viral marketing, but it is not without many of those disadvantages that are usually attached with email marketing, including spam accusations and poor standards of publicity.

MMS marketing has also hit its stride with marketers using "product embedding" within videos and games meant for mobile users. This type of advertisement is in vogue in multiple forms: among these, the most popular ones include splash screens that appear just before an application starts and personalized in-game icons that feature companies' brand names. Energy drink companies have a track record of being really quick for taking advantage of every new form of marketing.

It is expected that the forms and strategies of mobile media advertising will change in consonance with the rapid change of mobile technology. Now that larger-screen devices like Apple iPad and tablet computers have been introduced, some new marketing methods are likely to emerge soon. For instance, no sooner had the Amazon Kindle and similar book reading devices gained popularity than a number of publishers introduced "embedding advertisements" as an affordable and productive way of boosting revenues.

Mobile Marketing: The New Frontier of Marketing

With the development of mobile market, mobile marketing companies did not take long time to realize the potential and worth of what is now generally termed as the Seventh Mass Media Channel. They are continuously bringing in new, useful, effective and cost-efficient ways to capitalize on this unique marketing channel. What makes it the most popular marketing channel is the fact that it is semi-

personal and that it involves two-way marketing. Besides, it can also go viral because users are in the habit of sharing messages and other content to their contact lists via mobile phones.

In sum, mobile phones are the future centre of marketing, having capacity to outsource its competitor devices that have so far been considered unbeatable and the most effective marketing channels.

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