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The importance of successful development of MEMS and its descendent NEMS is clear to our community, which is also aware of the need for leading researchers in the field to identify promising new materials and structures for MEMS/NEMS and to master and characterize technologies that will qualify these materials and structures for robust and reliable system applications. From the time of the earliest research in MEMS/NEMS, researchers have concentrated most heavily on silicon and the technologies derived from the fabrication of integrated circuits. Although further research based on IC fabrication methods is certainly still very active, it is also clear that new opportunities for MEMS/NEMS are likely to be realized by exploiting advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. An area of our research at LMST is on the small-scale materials, physics, mechanics, and manufacturing technologies for the next generation of micro/nanosystems. We believe that 1) Materials Science in MEMS/NEMS, 2) New Materials for MEMS/NEMS, and 3) Physics/Mechanics of MEMS/NEMS are three important topics that require careful consideration.

  Project Examples and Representative Publications

Amorphous Thin Films in MEMS/NEMS
Bending, Deformation, and Thermomechanical Behavior
Controlled Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanowires
Diatom-Enabled Scalable Nanomanufacturing
Elastic, Viscoelastic and Thermal Characterization of Polymers
Flexible Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Multi-Layered Structures
MEMS & Metamaterials: A Perfect Marriage at Terahertz Frequencies
MEMS & MRI/CT: Micro/Nanoengineered Multi-Spectral Contrast Agents

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