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  Year 2015

Archival Journal Papers (#denotes graduate students/postdocs supervised by X. Zhang; *denotes corresponding author by X. Zhang; +denotes contributed equally.)

Terahertz Radiation-Induced Sub-Cycle Field Electron Emission Across a Split-Gap Dipole Antenna,
J. Zhang+, X. Zhao#+, K. Fan#, X. Wang#, G-F Zhang, K. Geng, X. Zhang*, R.D. Averitt*, Applied Physics Letters, 2015, 107(23): 231101(4pp). [DOI; Cover Image]

Biologically Enabled Micro- and Nanostencil Lithography Using Diatoms,
J. Cai#, X. Wang#, A. Li#, S.W. Anderson, X. Zhang*, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2015, 4: 186-192. [DOI; Cover Image]

A Review of Non-Linear Terahertz Spectroscopy with Ultrashort Tabletop-Laser Pulses,
H.Y. Hwang#, S. Fleischer, N.C. Brandt, B.G. Perkins, M.C. Hoffmann, M. Liu, K. Fan#, A. Sternbach, X. Zhang, R.D. Averitt, K.A. Nelson, Journal of Modern Optics, 2015, 62(18): 1447-1479. [DOI]

Optically Tunable Metamaterial Perfect Absorber on Highly Flexible Substrate,
X. Zhao#, K. Fan#, J. Zhang, H.R. Seren#, G.D. Metcalfe, M. Wraback, R.D. Averitt*, X. Zhang*, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2015, 231: 74-80. [DOI]

Visualization of Guided and Leaky Wave Behaviors in an Indium Tin Oxide Metallic Slab Waveguide,
S.M. Teo, C.A. Werley, C. Wang#, K. Fan#, B.K. Ofori-Okai, X. Zhang, R.D. Averitt, K.A. Nelson, Optics Express, 2015, 23(11): 14876-14896. [DOI]

A Role for Matrix Stiffness in the Regulation of Cardiac Side Population Cell Function,
Y. Qiu#, A.F. Bayomy, M.V. Gomez, M. Bauer, P. Du#, Y. Yang, X. Zhang, R. Liao, AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology, 2015, 308(9): H990-H997. [DOI]

Enabling a Microfluidic RFID Readout System via Miniaturization and Integration,
H.R. Seren#, X. Zhao#, C. Chen#, C. Wang#, X. Zhang*, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 2015, 24(2): 395-403. [DOI]

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