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  Year 2005

Archival Journal Papers (#denotes graduate students/postdocs supervised by X. Zhang; *denotes corresponding author by X. Zhang; +denotes contributed equally.)

Adaptation of Flexible Polymer Fabrication to Cellular Mechanics Study,
Y. Zhao# and X. Zhang*, Applied Physics Letters, 2005, 87(14): 144101(3pp). [DOI]

Cellular Force Measurements Using Single-Spaced Polymeric Microstructures: Isolating Cells from Base Substrate,
Y. Zhao#, C.C. Lim, D.B. Sawyer, R. Liao, X. Zhang*, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2005, 15(9): 1649-1656. [DOI]

Microbridge Testing of Plasma-Enhanced Chemical-Vapor-Deposited Silicon Oxide Films on Silicon Wafers,
Z. Cao#, T-Y Zhang, X. Zhang*, Journal of Applied Physics, 2005, 97(10): 104909(9pp). [DOI]

High-Speed Microfabricated Silicon Turbomachinery and Fluid Film Bearings,
L.G. Frechette, S.A. Jacobson, K.S. Breuer, F.F. Ehrich, R. Ghodssi, R. Khanna, C.W. Wong, X. Zhang, M.A. Schmidt, A.H. Epstein, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 2005, 14(1): 141-152. [DOI]

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